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LG 840G Apps and Tips! – eBook


LG 840G Apps and Tips!LG 840G Apps and Tips!LG 306gLG 840G Apps and Tips! – eBook

By Craig C. White

This eBook begins where your phone manual left off. Here are some great tips and tricks that your phone company hasn’t told you about! You can do a lot more with your LG 840g phone! You can get the most out of your phone, save money, and have fun. It isn’t easy to find good apps for the LG 840g. I have made an extensive search for info and apps for the LG 840g. I then compiled the most important information to help you get the most out of your phone, and also to help make your own search for apps successful. I have also collected and personally optimized the best apps so that they work great with the LG 840g touchscreen phone! I have removed the pesky on screen keypad from most of these apps. You now get over 80 free optimized apps! You won’t find apps that have been customized specifically for the LG 840g anywhere else! They include lots of games, web browsers, a QR code reader, Bibles, and other handy apps. “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” won’t turn your LG 840g into a smartphone but it will help you show-off just how clever your phone truly is!

Meet other happy “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” readers on my facebook page Lg840g Java Apps!

Touch screen mobile Java apps and games! Optimized for the LG 840g!

You now get over 80 games and apps!

LG 840G Apps and Tips!

LG 840G Apps and Tips!

Meet other happy “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” readers on my facebook page Lg840g Java Apps!

LG 840G Apps and Tips! – eBook
By Craig C. White

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LG 840g Apps and Tips! on Amazon!



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  1. hightimetoawake

    Tony wrote: Great stuff. Glad I bought it.

    JR wrote: Success! Thank you.

  2. Craig C. White

    5.0 out of 5 stars Well worth it!!! April 12, 2013
    By Jeffery M Ardini
    Amazon Verified Purchase
    This book is a great guide to your lg840g, it provides a basic breakdown to the specs of your phone and direct links to the network provider tutorials for it. It also lists useful search criteria when looking for games and apps on the internet, direct links to popular app sites and help getting them directly from your phone. There are also a few game screen shots illustrated as proof of the fruits from the author’s labor. It then goes on with signal provider tips such as sim cards and bonus minutes with written advice and direct links. Custom ringtones, full screen video conversion, custom wallpapers are next on the agenda, again with solid advice and direct links. As promised throughout, the best content awaits at the end of this book where the author links you in to a treasure trove of optimized games and apps all ready for your phone as well as a fledgling book purchaser forum sharing questions, ideas, tips and updates. Well worth the 3 beans I plunked down for this book, simply because I walked into this experience with a brand new, bare bones lg800g, and walked out with it loaded! The lg800g may not be a smart phone, but with everything included in with-in, both you and your phone will be smarter because of it.

    Thanks Jeffery!

  3. hightimetoawake

    The e-book has saved me a lot of time in getting game apps to work without the annoying virtual keypad which for the most parts renders the game inoperable.
    Thanks much!!

    Andre Simone

  4. Alan

    I downloaded Beetagg QR Reader – but can’t figure out how it works on the phone –
    It opens the camera and I can see the QR code, but when I press “enter beetagg” it gives me a box to write text into. How does it direct me to the website of the QR code?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Alan: The Beetag QR reader is pretty basic. To accept the terms click the square icon in the upper right. Once you have accepted the terms press ok to take a picture of the code. Try to get a clear picture. Large codes work better that small codes. If the reader recognizes the code it will turn green and display the website. You can click on the website. If not it will will turn red. You can try again if you like.

  5. Alan

    Thank you for the Beetagg info — I tried larger QR codes and it did read them and searched for the website, but then it didn’t open the web page — instead it forced the phone to re-boot !
    ALSO, I loaded Libris Book Reader — and it works fine with the one included ebook, BUT I found another ebook in TXT format at the” Gutenberg Project” and downloaded that to my computer and then copied it to the phone’s SD card under “Other Files” — when I tried to open this file using Libris (Menu–Open–Browse) it seemed to find the file but did NOT open it — instead it returned me to the one ebook which came with the Libris software. Am I missing a step?

  6. Dana

    Can Flash run on the LG840g? If so, where would be a good place to download it?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Sorry, Flash will not run on the LG 840g Java based phone.

  7. Pamela

    I bought your book but I can’t seem to find a Bejeweled or Angry bird that will work on my LG840G. do you have the URL that you’ve had success with? I just can’t seem to find one. I just want One game on my phone that I can play. Just one. I’m not very technically inclined.

    1. hightimetoawake

      There is a link to tons of good games in the “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” eBook.

      1. Pamela

        Thank YOU!!! I finally got it figured out. I have my bejeweled, angry birds and fruit ninja. I am sooo happy! Now I feel as if my phone is complete!

  8. Pamela

    I tried that, all the Bejeweled said file not supported and the one Angry birds I got page to big.

  9. Craig C. White

    Good job Pamela. Have fun!

  10. Pamela

    If you find a weather app or a cut the rope I’d be eternally grateful!

  11. Pamela

    Oh, and I just wanted to say I tried out the app for the championship cart racing and the woody woodpecker. Both are great! The response on the screen is really amazing and makes both games a whole lot of fun to play.

  12. Craig C. White

    Hi Pamela: I use my local weather station website as one of my startpage blocks in the Opera Mini Browser.

  13. Ann

    Is this ebook of apps and tips for the LG840G available for download to a pc or laptop? I don’t have a Kindle or pad. I really would like to get it.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Ann: Yes you can read “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” on your computer using a free Kindle reading app from Amazon.

  14. Sharon

    I bought your ebook and it has answered some of my questions but I still am having a terrible time trying to find an ebook reader for my LG840G. You would think that something as simple as an ereader would have been included in the phone’s software.

    I can change most ebooks into various formats; epub,mobi,txt,pdf but so far nothing I have found will open any readable format! Even some of my txt documents will open but most won’t.

    Any suggestions??

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Sharon: I have been looking for a good eBook reader. I haven’t found anything very good yet. I included a couple on my download page but they all have their issues. I haven’t tried this but epub and mobi are similar formats to html. Could you translate eBooks into html and read them on a browser?

  15. hightimetoawake

    Hi Alo: The download link is at the end of the eBook. I sent you the download link by email.

  16. Bill

    I cannot find you book on my kindle fire when I search for your book……help!

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Bill: Perhaps your eBook was saved to the cloud reader?

  17. MichaelOKC,OK

    I need a free Magicjack Java App jar file to download to my LG 840g phone. Can anyone help?

  18. michelle

    Um hi I just wanted to know if this phone can take screenshots

    1. hightimetoawake

      I have never taken a screenshot on my phone. I don’t think it can.

  19. msbadfun

    I want one too. I live in a rural area, my phone keeps saying “No Service” . I can’t send or receive calls or texts at this time. I have to drive down the street just to use my phone. This is crazy! Can anyone PLEASE help? Thanks.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Dear msbadfun:
      Find out who your signal is coming from. On tracfone your SIM card tells you who your signal provider is! This may also be the case with other brand phones.
      Look up your SIM number by tapping on the Prepaid icon on your phone, then scroll down to SIM number.
      1) If your SIM number starts with 890126 your signal provider is T-Mobile.
      2) If your SIM number starts with 890141 your signal provider is AT&T.
      Find out who has the best coverage in your area. You may be able to change your SIM card in order to change your signal provider! Change to the provider who offers the best signal in your area. I changed my tracfone SIM card once. They mailed it to me with instructions and didn’t charge me a dime! You will have to reactivate your phone!

  20. Lois

    Hi Craig

    On your list of apps, I don’t see Solitaire. Do you have that game that works on the LG840G?

    I’m thinking of buying your ebook.


    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Lois: There are over 90 games and apps but I don’t think solitaire is among them.

  21. Joe

    Like “MSBADFUN” I live in an AT&T dead zone. Is there a possibility of exchanging the SIM card for a Verison SIM? Or is that not possible because this is GSM Circuitry, not CDMA?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Joe. You may request a Sprint sim card from tracfone

  22. ssledge

    I need a JAR for Google Keep. How could one achieve this? surely a Java app could interact with a simple google service like keep…

    1. hightimetoawake

      I don’t think there is a java app for Google keep but I think you can use it on the chrome browser.

      1. ssledge

        Is there a Chrome Browser for the LG840g ?

        1. hightimetoawake

          There is no chrome browser for the LG 840g. I recommend the opera mini browser.

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