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Optimized App Download Page


Available on Amazon!Welcome!

Click links below to download optimized apps!

WARNING!!! Do not copy these files directly to your phone!!! These files are zip files! Each file contains several apps. Copy them to your computer to unzip them! Please follow the How to install apps: instructions below!!!

Click to download file!

Click to download file!

Click to download file!

Click to download file!

Click to download 240×400 file!

Click to download eBook and QR readers

Click to download More file!

Click to download Go file!

Click to download file!

Click to download opera mini file!

Click to download More Touchscreen Games and file!

Download a nice QR reader directly to your phone at:

How to install apps:

Alert: The App files on this page are zip files. Each file contains several apps. Do not download them directly to your phone! Download them to your computer and unzip them. The unzipped files will end in .jar.

Do not copy the game and app files to your internal phone memory; you probably don’t have enough space. Copy them to your removable SD memory card. Also do not copy the game and app files to an existing folder on your removable SD memory card. Instead, create a new folder on your removable SD memory card. Call it “Apps” or “Java” or some other name that does not already exist on your memory card. Unzip the files on your computer, and then copy the .jar files to the new folder on your removable SD memory card. Finally, go to your phone’s file manager and click on the app name to install them to your phone.

After installing apps:

You can start your apps by clicking your “Games and Apps” icon. When you install an app it is using your phone’s internal memory. Be careful about installing too many apps to your phones internal memory. This can tax your phone’s ability to run your apps. After you install your apps you can move them to your removable SD memory card. To move your apps click on your “games and apps” icon, then click on the square white icon in the upper right. Click on “move to”. Choose “memory card”. Then choose your app name. That’s it. Your installed app will now be stored on your removable SD memory card.


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  1. Edie

    Hi, Craig. Just downloaded the optimized apps for my LG840g. From my computer download folder I copied the files to the E drive where I had my phone hooked up. All the files copied to the E drive and I can see them on the E drive from my computer. However, I cannot find the games on my phone. Checked the ‘Games and Apps’ and the file manager (both phone card and memory card) with no luck. Can you help me understand what’s happened?

    Thanks much!

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Edie: Unzip the downloaded files on your computer. Then create a new folder on your phones SD card called Apps or Games or whatever you like. Avoid duplicating names already on the SD card. Copy the app files into the new directory. The file names should end in .jar. Then go to your phones file manager and click each file name to install the app on your phone. good luck! Craig C. White

  2. Edie

    the site checks by phone type – the lg840g is not listed. Tried using lg800 and lgt310 for app downloads directly to my phone, but they never appeared. My this site and its apps are not lg840g friendly?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Edie: Try using the LG KM555I to search on I would search for 240×320 apps or java touchscreen apps.

  3. Linda

    Do you know if it is possible to use the lg840g to connect with I saw that this phone is not a android or a smart phone but I wondered if there is some other way.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Do you mean for processing credit cards? I am sure that you can connect to their website, but I doubt that the LG 840g will run a credit card processing app.

  4. JR

    Hello, I have attempted to download your apps files to my LG 840G using a previously installed Opera Mini browser download. Your download stops without making much progress and projects multiple untrusted midlet messages. Then the phone shuts off and turns back on. After many tries, I finally deleted the version of Opera Mini I put on and have attempted fresh starts using the tracfone browser with google and msn as the search engines, I get the message that the webpage is too large and to go to a mobile site. I was only attempting download apps 3 as those were the apps that I wanted, not really looking for games. Do all the apps have to downloaded in order or can I just do #3, and if so, how can get it done? Thanks.

    1. hightimetoawake

      The problem is your browser. It is giving you the untrusted midlet messages. Also be sure to download to your SD card. Your phone may not have enough memory. It would be best to download them to a computer then copy them to your phone. You can download one or all files. The App files are multiple .jar files compressed into .zip files, so you need to unzip them before you try to install them to your phone. It is best to create a new directory on your removable SD memory card, and copy the .jar files there.

  5. JR

    Success! Thank you.

  6. Linda

    Yes, bad typing! I have been to web site but keep getting an error. It implies i need more memory. But I was trying to down load the Android app. Since the lg is java I am thinking that more memory will not help. What do you think?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Linda: Be sure that you are downloading to your SD memory card.

  7. arnold harner Sr

    Well i downloaded a bunch of your games on my LG 840G , and now my phone is all screwed up. now every game i try to play the loading screen comes up with two blue empty blocks on the bottom that should say / download on the left and cancel on the right, they are blank and then the loading screen stops and then freezes. so i deleted all the game from the games folger, and deleted all of them from the memory card, now all that is left are the 2 games the phone came with and they start to load then freeze. Now what

    1. hightimetoawake

      Do not copy the games and apps to your phone memory, you probably don’t have enough space on the internal phone memory. Also do not copy the games and apps to an existing folder on your removable SD memory card. Instead, create a new folder on your removable SD memory card. Call it “Apps” or “Java” or some other name that does not already exist on your memory card. Unzip the files on your computer, then copy the .jar files to the new folder on your removable SD memory card. Finally, go to your phone’s file manager and click on the app name to install.

  8. tony

    Great stuff. Glad I bought it. Do you have a QR reader or skype?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Tony: I have seen skype type apps. I’ll check them out. The LG 840g doesn’t have a front facing camera, so I figured skype would be limited.

    2. hightimetoawake

      Tony: Download a nice QR reader directly to your phone at:

  9. Michael

    Craig, can you recommend an ebook reader for the LG840G?

    1. hightimetoawake

      FREE eBook Readers!
      You can read eBooks on your computer using one of several FREE eBook readers!
      Use Adobe Reader to read PDF eBooks on your computer.
      Download Adobe Reader at:
      Use the Kindle Previewer to read Amazon Kindle eBooks on your computer.
      Download the Kindle Previewer at:
      Use Adobe Digital Editions to read EPUB eBooks on your computer.
      Download Adobe Digital Editions at:

  10. Michael

    Yes, I know how to read ebooks on my computer.
    I want to know how to read them on my phone (LG840G).

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Michael: I have seen PDF eBook readers for the LG 840g. I have tried one or two that I didn’t like much. I will keep a look out for an eBook reader. If you find one let me know.

  11. Michael

    Craig, the Albite Reader has possibilities. It would be much better if you worked your magic on it. Of course it needs the keyboard removed. It needs to have smaller font settings. It would be nice if the security window didn’t keep coming up. The source code is available at:

  12. Michael

    Update: The READER 2.2 works better than the READER HD 2.2. The fonts are more appropriate, but it still needs the keyboard removed and a solution to the excessive Untrusted Midlet alerts.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Tony: The beetag QR reader is as good as it will be. I posted it along with a couple of eBook readers.

      I just posted another app file titled “eBook and QR readers”. I recommended the albite ebook reader for epub eBooks. The Librise eBook reader reads txt files and other simple formats. It also has a vast library online of free eBooks.

  13. Michael

    Craig, thanks for removing the keyboard from the Albite reader. Do you know how to get rid of the excessive Untrusted Midlet alerts? It’s very annoying. Do you know a way to make a signed version?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Michael: Unfortunately the LG 840g doesn’t manage untrusted midlets well. This is a combination of an unsigned app and a lack on the LG 840g’s part to present an option to accept the app accessing your phone or web. There are ways around the “untrusted midlet” message but they are tricky and potentially dangerous to your phone’s operation and security. They are also somewhat complex and not for the average user. Ask LG to include “unsigned app management” in there next version of the LG 840g.

  14. hightimetoawake

    Be careful about installing too many apps to your phones internal memory. This can tax your phone’s ability to run your apps. After you install your apps you can move them to your removable SD memory card. Click on your “games and apps” icon, then click on the square white icon in the upper right. Click on “move to”. Choose “memory card”. Then choose your app name. That’s it. Your installed app will now be stored on your SD card.

  15. tony

    thanks for the qr reader and the book reader. how do i download more books and how to i use the qr reader once i have the picture taken?

  16. Craig C. White

    To use the qr reader you need an internet connection. It is best to use wifi so you don’t use your minutes. Take a picture of the code, the QR reader sends the code to a website and sends back a web address. Click the web address to go to that website. If the QR reader turn red, that means that it couldn’t read the code.

    To download more eBooks go to the eBook reader website. Libris has tons of free eBooks.

  17. hightimetoawake

    How to access free public WiFi using the Opera Mini browser. Open the LG 840g native browser. Click the free public WiFi provider’s “accept terms” icon or box. If you don’t see a box, try refreshing the page. you should see the “accept terms” icon or box. After you have connected to WiFi you can close the LG 840g native browser, and then open the Opera Mini browser. You should still be connected to the free public WiFi.

  18. Michael

    LG’s response:
    As your LG840G phone is a Tracfone/Straight Talk or Net 10, it would actually be supported entirely operationally, technically, and for Warranty through Tracfone at their request.

    I do highly recommend you visit the website below to assist you before calling at:

  19. Linda

    I installed your optimized version of the Opera Mini browser, but it went to an update screen and when I updated it, it didn’t keep your removal of the darned keypad. Should I just reinstall your version and not update it?
    Plus I don’t see how to access the Opera, or the QR reader, since it didn’t put an icon on the app window. Is there a way to get them to show up so it’s easier to get to them?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Just reinstall Opera Mini. Do not allow the Opera Mini update. It will load a different version that does not have the keypad removed. You can access all games and apps by clicking the games and apps icon.

  20. Linda

    Thanks! That worked

  21. Alan

    Thanks for all these apps! I’d also appreciate knowing about these 2 items:
    1) I’m looking for a good mobile weather app like weather channel — but the ones I’ve found on the web aren’t easily configured to my location in NJ Any suggested weather app?
    2)What size and resolution photos should be used to transfer to the LG 840G? I’ve tried various reduced size photos and some work but others don’t.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Alan: I use the Opera Mini Browser to view my local TV station website for weather. It works pretty good because I saved it to my Opera Mini homepage. I don’t know of any weather apps that give you constant updates. You would need a constant internet connection for that. I think that you will need to check the weather through a browser.

      The screen resolution of the LG 840g is 240×320. Try pics 240×320 or 480×640. I think the phone will handle different sizes. You may be having trouble with very large photos?

      Please consider leaving a review on Amazon! Thanks, Craig

  22. Alan

    Thanks for your help – I’ll leave a review.
    I’ve downloaded the Beetagg QR reader — it takes a picture of the QR code but I can’t figure out how to make it scan the code and send me to a website. I’d appreciate your help.

    1. hightimetoawake

      The Beetag QR reader is pretty basic. To accept the terms click the square icon in the upper right. Once you have accepted the terms press OK to take a picture of the code. Try to get a clear picture. Large codes work better that small codes. If the reader recognizes the code it will turn green and display the website. You can click on the website. If not it will will turn red. You can try again if you like.

      Download Beetag QR reader directly to your phone at:

    2. hightimetoawake

      Alan: I could really use a good review! Thanks, Craig

  23. Denny

    Do you know of a Sudoku Java app that will run on my LG840G?

    1. hightimetoawake

      hi wb: I am not familiar. If you find one that needs tweaking let me know. I may be able to help. Craig

  24. Dana

    I downloaded your ebook – a great help!!!

    Is there a way to get rid of the navigation bar/keypad on the apps or get a QWERTY keypad versus that one that looks like a telephone? I’m also looking for an offline GPS system, and a way to view youtube videos.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Dana: I have already removed the keypad from most of the apps. If an app has a keypad then it does not support a touchscreen. Look through the apps because I have also included touchscreen versions of some of those apps with the keypad removed. I use the Opera Mini browser which gives me a full qwerty keyboard. Don’t update the Opera Mini browser or you will once again get the keyboard. If you do just reinstall Opera Mini from my apps. You should be able to view YouTube videos by using the original LG 840g browser with a WiFi signal.

      Dana, If you have found “LG 840g Apps and Tips!” helpful would you please leave a review on Amazon. it doesn’t have to be long, just nice. Thanks, Craig

      Here is the link to the eBook on Amazon

  25. joshua

    how do you unzip the files

    1. hightimetoawake

      You need a file compression software on your computer. There are a lot of free ones on the net. I use Hamster lite Archiver. Just be careful when you install it. The free program will ask if you want to install other software as well. Win Zip is a very popular software. You may already have it on your computer.

  26. joshua

    why does it says the disk is write protected when i try to move files from computer to sd card

    1. hightimetoawake

      There is a tiny switch on your SD card, trust me it is there. switch it away from the end to write to it!

  27. Kathy

    Hi Michael,
    I just downloaded and installed a few apps to my phone’s SD care. Each time I try to play one, Angry Birds for instance, my phone reboots.
    Any suggestions?


    1. hightimetoawake

      How to install apps: Do not copy the games and apps to your phone memory, you probably don’t have enough space on the internal phone memory. Also do not copy the games and apps to an existing folder on your removable SD memory card. Instead, create a new folder on your removable SD memory card. Call it “Apps” or “Java” or some other name that does not already exist on your memory card. Unzip the files on your computer, then copy the .jar files to the new folder on your removable SD memory card. Finally, go to your phone’s file manager and click on the app name to install.

      Be careful about installing too many apps to your phones internal memory. This can tax your phone’s ability to run your apps. After you install your apps you can move them to your removable SD memory card. Click on your “games and apps” icon, then click on the square white icon in the upper right. Click on “move to”. Choose “memory card”. Then choose your app name. That’s it. Your installed app will now be stored on your SD card.

  28. Don OB

    Craig, Just bought the LG840G phone, your book was a great help! I have a question.
    I installed the BeeTagg QR reader. I can take a picture of the QR code. I then get the “Untrusted Midlit” message. Then the coed gets interpreted and the URL is displayed, but no matter what I do, I cannot get it to go to the URL, the ap just sits there.

    Is that correct?

    1. hightimetoawake

      When the URL is displayed you should press OK to go to the website!

  29. Don OB

    I do and the QR code disappears and leaves the camera lens. If I hit OK again, it takes a picture (of a QR code depending on where I’m pointing, I’m doing this while connected via Wi-Fi.

  30. Don OB

    Craig, My bad. I just tried a different URL and it worked just as you said. I guess that makes your book perfect! Great job!

  31. Craig C. White

    Good job Don. I love it when things work. I know that they don’t always.

  32. Chuck`

    Enjoyed your E-book I downloaded from Amazon and gave it a 5 star rating.

    Are you familiar with a Palm program called “Handy Shopper”? Is there anything like it for the LG840G?

    Thank you

    1. hightimetoawake

      Thank you, Chuck: I am not familiar with “Handy Shopper”. Try searching for “Handy Shopper java app”.

  33. bruce bell

    I have tried using my Windows 7 to download into a 64GB SD Micro chip, I downloaded into “Games & Applications” all three sets of games. I also downloaded the additional Games & Applications into “Other Files”.

    I also added two new file names”New Folder and New Folder(2).
    With my LG840G I can download from files from “Other Files” into phone memory and play them on the phone.

    How can you download just the files you want? The attributes show with right click of the mouse” read onl”y (closed box) with “hidden” and ” archive” are both open.

    it should be noted that pc shows “removable disk g” with 62.4 GB free of the 62.4 GB. All your files are shown under Games & Applications and Other Files.

    How do you deleted one of the files from the 64 GB SD MICRO?\
    Do you need a GPS Antenna? Which would run better Google Maps or GOOGLE Maps V3.0.2 TOUCH?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Bruce: I think that the LG 840g can only handle a 32 GB micro SD card. Don’t forget to unzip the downloaded files. I wouldn’t copy any files into existing folders. I would create new folders (not sub-folders) and copy the unzipped .jar files into the new folders.

      After you unzip the downloaded files and copy the *.jar files into your new folder on your SD card then use your phone’s file manager to install the apps.

      Please find app installation instructions in the back of the eBook.

      The LG 840g phone does not have GPS capabilities.

      Let me know if you run in to problems. Craig

  34. Kathy

    Hi Michael,

    I did all of the above. the games were copied to a new folder, “apps” on the memory card, and installed there.
    I checked the phone memory under File Manager and there is nothing installed there.

    1. Craig C. White

      Hi Kathy: Check the right tab in your phone’s file manager. The left tab is for your phone’s internal memory. The right tab is for your removable SD memory card.

      Then click (touch) the app name to install.

  35. Louis Cascio

    Dear Mr. White,

    Do you know of a good VOLP app that I can use with the LG 840 g?
    Lou Cascio

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Louis: I used google voice successfully. You can make free outgoing calls using WiFi but you still get charged for incoming calls. It also has voice-mail. I made calls by logging in to the google voice website using the Opera Mini browser, so I didn’t need an additional app.

  36. Travis

    Hello! I am looking to download the Ecm2 app on my LG840g. This app is for emergency personnel. This app is for the “Droid” phones as far as I know. Do you know if this app is available for my phone? Thank you for your time, and God bless.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Travis: I don’t know if Ecm2 (or Emc2) exists for a java phone. You could search for the name plus java or j2me app. You want a 240×320 app.

  37. Rose

    The LG800 had a PDF reader. Is there a similar, or same program available for the LG840?

    1. hightimetoawake

      I have seen a few PDF apps but they stink. I don’t know of a good Java PDF viewer.

  38. shannon

    your instructions worked great! i am very happy to have games without that pesky java keyboard. thank you VERY much!

    1. hightimetoawake

      Good job Shannon. Enjoy!

  39. Ann

    I purchased your ebook and I really like it. Now I am wondering if you can recommend a good app for blocking calls on this phone. I don’t mind paying for it, as long as it works.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Ann: i don’t know of any call blockers. There may be some out there. Try asking on facebook.

  40. Alo

    Hello craig,

    these apps are amazing do you have a mazelock or pattern app for the lg 840g or can you find one that works?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Alo: I don’ know what that is. If you find one let me know. Perhaps I can remove the keypad.

  41. Leticron

    I use 7zip successfully for years. It can handle most archive formats (inc. RAR), integrates with windows explorer and can be downloaded as a portable version for usb sticks etc.

  42. Mark T

    Hi Craig,

    How did you make calls from Google Voice per you message:

    “I used google voice successfully. You can make free outgoing calls using WiFi but you still get charged for incoming calls. It also has voice-mail. I made calls by logging in to the google voice website using the Opera Mini browser, so I didn’t need an additional app.”

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Mark, I just tried google voice again. I can text free, but calls still use my minutes.

  43. mike

    Hey Craig,

    I just downloaded your book. Seeing your book while researching my new phone and knowing that I could optimize my new phone by following your tips and downloads is what made me want to buy this phone in the first place. To all the people out there who are thinking about getting this phone and want some games, just save you self some time and spend the $3.00. I know you could do all of this stuff yourself but just save your self the headache and BUY THIS BOOK!!! It really will be worth it.

    I do have one or two questions, first which version of opera is better for this phone 7.1 or the one you included in your down loads? Is there a way to increase youtube to full size when you stream it? Could you upload a solitaire game specifically free cell or one that includes free cell and also maybe Sudoku? Thanks in advance.

    Finally, the main reason I got your book was to get an optimized version of the bible for my phone. I tried to download yours but it wouldn’t let me. Is there any way you could just e-mail it to me direct? Thanks again.


    Mike D

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Mike: Thank you for your positive feedback. Please consider leaving a review on Amazon at
      The Opera Mini version that I provide works well with the LG 840g. It uses less memory than the more recent versions. I haven’t found a way to increase YouTube size. I will look for some good card games. You can directly download Go-Bible in several versions from
      Thanks again, Craig

    2. hightimetoawake

      Hi Mike: I just uploaded touchscreen Sudoku and Disk shooter just for you! I have been looking for card games without luck. Craig

  44. hightimetoawake

    Here is how to download apps and games from UMnet. The links in my book are wrong! They will be corrected today!

    Web address:
    I find it much easier to download apps and games from UMnet to my PC. But you can also download directly to your phone. Not all apps and games on UMNet are java based. Choose “Downloads” or “Search” on the top right hand side of the homepage or try this link and choose a category that includes the words java, j2me, touchscreen, or 240×320. The more of these words included in your search the better.

    After you choose a game or app click “Go to download page”.

    On the game or app page look for the menu that says “Download to phone” and “Download to PC”.

    Downloading apps to your phone:
    To download directly from your phone, first search for the app you want. Get the 5 or 6 number code below the app description (for example the “Angry Birds” app has the number code 548219). Then follow the directions below.
    1) Go to or on your phone’s web browser.
    2) Select “Download by ID”
    3) Enter the 5 or 6 number app code. Then press “Go”. On the next screen select “Download game”.
    The app will install directly onto your phone.

  45. Max

    Hey cool apps.

    Do u think you could get an Instagram app. I would really love that.


    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Max: I looked for a java based Instagram app but couldn’t find one. Is that something that could be done online from the instagram website using your web browser?

  46. Max

    Yes and no. I will work on my opera mini browser but you cant like photos or comment on them you can only look at the photos. Do u have any ideas that might work?


    1. hightimetoawake

      Sorry Max, that was my last and only idea.

  47. Bob

    Craig, Do you know if I can get a version of Pandora on my phone?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Sorry Bob: The LG 840g doesn’t support Pandora.

  48. Azria

    Do you have any new apps added to the files?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Azria: I just added Opera Mini 7 without the keypad.

  49. Azria

    Craig, also do have any sims games without the keypad or a mazelock/pattern lock that works???

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Azria: I can look around for some mazelock games. Are there any specific titles that you want?

  50. Alo

    Hi Craig,

    I found a few apps that need the keypad removed. How could I email them to you?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Alo: You can attach the files to a message and send them to me on my facebook page. Just a warning; there are a lot of bad apps out there. I may or may not be able to make the apps usable.

  51. Morry

    Hi Craig,

    The LG840 comes with uno already installed. Is it possible to delete this file? I tried to install your version to use

    instead of the trial version on the phone, and now the game is unplayable. I get a message of No

    ClassDefFound occurred. Thank-you for any suggestions


    1. hightimetoawake

      Try reinstalling Uno. Do not click to use previous settings. To restore the original Uno you can uninstall (or delete) all apps. Then turn your phone off and back on. Of course that means that you will need to reinstall your apps. You can not completely uninstall the trial version of Uno.

  52. Jeff

    Hi Craig,

    How am I supposed to download these apps to the new SD folder I’ve created on my phone? Do I need some sort of USB data cable (not sure what to call it)? Feel silly asking, maybe this is too obvious, but none of this stuff is terribly intuitive to me.

    All the best,


    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Jeff: It would be easiest to use a USB cable.

  53. Mike Fitzgerald

    Hello Craig. Removing the keypad was good for the Albite reader. It is a good program as it reads EPUB and Txt files that I use a lot.

    Have you are anyone else figured out why the Untrusted Midlet Alert keeps popping up or how to fix that.

    Without those pesky alerts it could probably be the best reader for the lG804G out there.

  54. David Trana

    Like your book. Is there a Blackjack app. some where for this phone? I have down loaded all ofyour apps. I don’t use them all but it is good to have them if I think I could use them sometime. Thank you

  55. Daniel Davis

    Hi Mike,

    After searching forever for a solution to the maddening “untrusted midlet” problem- I discovered that it’s because the apps aren’t “signed”. The source code for the apps has to be rebuilt via a valid certificate. I am no programmer so I have only the faintest clue as to the process, but it’s detailed here-

    If Craig understands the page more than I do, he could probably turned his Unsigned Midlets into signed ones- no popups.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Daniel. This is above my paygrade.

  56. Jane Werner

    I’ve downlaoded the apps into my computer and everytime I double click on one to downlaod it to my sd card it says either “Fatal exception occurred. Program will exit” or Go Bible says “Failed to Load”. They all have a big red X next to the messages. How can I get these downloaded?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Don’t double click. Your computer thinks you want to launch the program. Please follow the directions on the download page.

  57. Wendell Sessions

    Is it possible to put a map app on the lg 840g. I have tried a few without success

    1. hightimetoawake

      I haven’t found a good map app for the LG 840g. It doesn’t have gps, so it doesn’t know where you are. Try using google maps from the opera mini browser.

  58. David Jeffery

    When I try to install my games I get a message(Manifest is invalid or content file corrupted)
    Help, please.

    1. hightimetoawake

      David: There are a lot of bad java games and apps out there. Don’t use them.

  59. David

    easy fix,thanks

  60. Deb

    I just downloaded a bunch of the .zip files and my Avast! antivirus blocked the Go Bible and Apps3 files as containing malware. *sigh* Don’t know if someone hacked the files and infected them, or it’s a mistake on Avast!, but I thought you should know.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Thank you Deb. I tested every app. I think there may be a word document in the zip file. Some antivirus software doesn’t like .doc files. I made the text document myself.

    2. hightimetoawake

      I think your antivirus software doesn’t like the rtf file. It is just a wordpad document telling you where to find other bible translations in different languages.

  61. Nicholas Park

    Do you have or can you recommend a count-down timer app?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Nicholas. I haven’t found a timer app but the LG840g has a good alarm. You can set multiple alarms to go off at different intervals. I use it to time my smoked ribs.

  62. A.J.

    I bought your eBook off Amazon a few days ago and have installed several apps on my LG 306G (which is just a slightly improved version of the LG 840G). Your book and website are terrific resources. Thanks!

    Two questions for you. First, I see that you have two different apps for Google Maps. I already have Google Maps 2.3.2 from (code 6944) installed. It is the Google signed version, thus no pop-ups every few seconds warning of additional costs. Do either of your two apps have any features which are different, or better, than the boostapps download? If so, can I use two Google Maps, the one already installed and one of yours, without a conflict?

    Next, my older LG 840G had no GPS. My new LG 306G supposedly has “GPS Capabilities”, as stated on its box and in Amazon’s description. However, there is no mention of GPS in the manual and no GPS function in Google Maps (I have to input my location). Possibly, the claim of “GPS capabilities” for the LG 306G is a misrepresentation. But if it does exist I would surely like to use it if you know of an available app, even if it just simply displays latitude and longitude.

    1. hightimetoawake

      AJ. The Google maps apps keep asking permission to access the internet on the LG 840G. If you have the original file of your map app you could try the others. Make sure that you will be able to reinstall the app you are using.

    2. hightimetoawake

      You will probably only be able to run one Google maps app at a time.

  63. A.J.

    The Google-signed Google Maps 2.3.2 I referenced above (from Boostapps) doesn’t ask for permission to access the internet. I had it installed on my old LG 840G for about a year and it never asked for permission or warned of extra charges, either on Wi-Fi or when on the road on 3G. When scrolling a map, etc, it simply downloads data whenever needed with no pop-up warnings. Works great!

  64. A.J.

    If one of the other two Google Maps apps does have features that my current version doesn’t have, then having two versions installed (I would only run one at a time) would be nice, as long as there is no conflict (common names for files, etc) which might get the phone confused.

  65. Mike C

    I bought your book hoping I could get your jar files onto my LG 305C since it is reportedly similar. I followed your instructions until I get to “Go to your phone’s file manager” but I’m not sure where to go to on my phone? I can’t seem to find anywhere that shows the files?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Mike look on your menu bar on the bottom of your screen. there should be a symbol that looks like four white squares. Click it to go to your apps screens. Your file manager it there.

  66. Mike C

    Apparently the LG 305C doesn’t have a file manager like the LG 480G there is no icon for it .

    1. hightimetoawake

      Mike, Click the icon on the bottom right of your screen. It looks like four dots. That will open your app screens. You can scroll through several pages of apps. File manager should be on those pages.

  67. Mike C

    Yep exactly what I’m doing 3 pages of apps 28 apps total but no file manager.

  68. Mike C

    Ok I downloaded the manual for the LG 306G to compare it to my LG 305C and it shows a File Manager where mine does not. If I go to Settings > Memory I can see my Phone Memory, Card Memory, and Save Options. If I select Card Memory my options are Memory Usage, My Images, My Videos, My Ringtones, My Music, My Contacts, and Move All To Phone.

    I don’t see anywhere that shows the apps I loaded on my memory card any ideas?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Yep. Try moving your apps to a directory that you can access.

  69. Mike C

    Well I guess it just doesn’t work with this phone. I moved my Apps folder outside of the Media folder where I originally had it but my phone still won’t access it. I then moved the individual apps and dropped them into the Other folder, Picture Folder, and Video folder but my phone still can’t see it them.

    Not sure why there should be that much difference the 305C & 306G but there must be.

  70. Dale

    Hi Craig – I was hoping to use my 306G as an mp3 player but so far it just is not working out. The mp3’s I want to play are old radio shows. I can get them to the SD card, I can create Playlists and play the mp3’s either individually or as playlists, but my control of it pretty much ends there. I want it to play one mp3 and stop, but it just keeps playing the same one over and over until I stop it. I use them to help me get to sleep at night, so it plays it over and over all night, makes for a lot of battery charging. Can you help me fix that or point me to an app to control it?

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Dale. Mp3 players usually have a repeat function. It might look like an infinity symbol. Check if it is on.

  71. Dale

    Thanks Craig – I’ve tried every button/icon I can find related to the player and can’t find anything that looks or sounds like that. Also been through the general Settings menus with no luck. Anything else come to mind?


  72. Dale

    Hi Craig – I have determined that it isn’t just the long mp3’s. It does the same with regular length music mp3’s. And, I think it plays through all the mp3’s I have on it. It plays all of them then starts over, or if I only have one file on it, it plays it over and over. Irritating!

  73. Ed Boon

    I downloaded the QR reader and it brings up the camera screen but there is no button for taking the picture. Do you have any suggestions.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Ed. You touch the screen when the code is in focus.

  74. cindy

    Hi there, I have an LG 305C which I understand is almost identical to the 306G. I am trying to put an app on my phone. I downloaded to the computer, unzipped it (google maps), plugged my phone into the computer which showed up as a J drive, created a new folder called apps and copied the app into it. You say to use the file manager in the phone at this point but all I see is in settings to choose Memory and then card memory and phone memory. My apps folder does not appear anywhere. Can you help? Maybe I’m in the wrong spot. Thanks.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Cindy. Another LG 305c user had the same problem. He couldn’t find the file manager. I don’t have a LG 305c so I cannot confirm if it has one or not. If you can move the jar files anywhere that you can see them you should be able to install them. Does your phone have a apps & games icon?

  75. cindy

    yes it does but I don’t see it in there.

  76. cindy

    I know there has to be a way to do this. I have a detailed ad for the phone that I got from LG and it says USB Mass Storage, transfer files from PC to Phone. Maybe I can call LG.

  77. Ed

    the apps number 3 zip file didn’t seem to download correctly. I’ve since tried to download it again and keep getting a message that the site is not connecting.

    1. hightimetoawake

      Hi Ed. I haven’t had any other complaints. You may want to try later. Don’t download to your phone. Instead download to your computer. I will investigate the zip file this evening.

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