This week Turkey busies itself ruining the world

This week Turkey busies itself ruining the world

Now Turkey can enter Syria without fear of Russian retaliation

By Craig C. White

The UK has left the European Union. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to accelerate Turkey’s bid to join the EU. Merkel needs Turkey’s cooperation to stem the Islamic migrant flow that Turkey has allowed to flood into Europe from Syria. If Turkey is allowed into the EU then any Turkish citizen would be allowed visa free travel throughout the European Union. Austria says that they will also leave the EU if Turkey is allowed to become a member.

Just a side note; I don’t think that Turkey will be allowed to join the European Union but I do think that Turkey and the EU will eventually join forces. According to Daniel chapter 7 the European Union will join forces with the new Russian Union, and a new Middle Eastern Union to form the next world empire. So Turkey will probably form its own Union. Read my commentary titled The Leopard is Upon Us!

Turkey has been busy this week. Turkey signed a reconciliation agreement with Israel. Daniel 9:27 says that the Antichrist will make a seven year term treaty concerning Israel. I believe that Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist so I have been watching the Turkey and Israel reconciliation agreement closely. This agreement does not contain a seven year long term like the covenant described in Daniel 9:27. The agreement does include a 20 million dollar reparations fund for the families of the Turkish casualties of the 2010 flotilla assault. It also includes Turkish access to the Israeli port of Ashdod in order to ship humanitarian supplies into Gaza. It also includes the promise of a possible new Israel to Turkey natural gas pipeline.

Turkey has also made apologies to Russia for shooting down a Russian fighter jet. More than that Turkey has found common ground with Russia on the Syrian war. Turkey and Russia have been on opposite sides up until now. The Kurds have taken control over much of the territory just to the north of Aleppo in Syria. The Kurds have now declared their intentions to create a sovereign Kurdish State there. Neither Turkish President Erdogan, nor Syrian President Assad, nor Assad’s ally Russian President Putin want a Kurdish State inside of Syria. So Turkey and Russia now share a common enemy in Syria. Turkey wants to invade northern Syria near Aleppo and drive out the Kurds. Now Turkey can enter Syria without fear of Russian retaliation. Make no mistake Turkish President Erdogan’s ultimate goal in Syria is to remove Syrian President Assad from power in Damascus. The Prophet Jeremiah identifies an invasion into northwestern Syria in these exact areas. After the northwestern Syria invasion the residents of Damascus flee the city and Damascus is destroyed (Jer 49:23-27).

This week Turkey credited ISIS for bombing Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport although ISIS has not claimed responsibility. ISIS has been shelling the Turkish town of Kilis from the Syrian border. This week Turkey has driven ISIS back with retaliatory shelling. Although ISIS has now retreated from shelling Kilis, Erdogan says that Turkey must enter northwestern Syria in order to defend Kilis against terrorists. When Erdogan uses the terms “terrorist” or “Daesh” he usually isn’t referring to ISIS. He is typically referring to the Kurds and to Syrian President Assad. The Turkish town of Kilis is located directly to the north of Tell-Rifaat in Syria. Tell-Rifaat is called Arpad in Jeremiah 49:23. According to Jeremiah this is where the attack that destroys Damascus begins.

This week Turkey

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    • David on July 3, 2016 at 1:51 am


    Thank you for your update on the events of the past few days. I have been watching closely as well. It seems that Turkey is just waiting for absolute proof linking the Kurds, and or Assad to Daesh.


    1. Erdogan already refers to the Kurds and also to Assad as terrorists or as Daesh. In his mind these are the true terrorists. I don’t think that he is looking for proof before he invades Syria. He is just looking for an opportunity. He has convinced Russia that it is in their best interest for Turkey to invade northwestern Syria in order to fight the Kurds.

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