Conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist!

Conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist!

The Antichrist is compared to the Assyrian kings

By Craig C. White

The Bible compares the Antichrist with the ancient Assyrian kings. The Assyrians conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel. A few years later they invaded southern Israel.

In Jeremiah 49:23-27 Syria is invaded from its northwestern border near Turkey. Then Damascus is destroyed. Turkey will invade Syria, destroy Damascus, and then turn southward to invade northern Israel just like the Assyrians did in 734 BC. These events help to identify the Antichrist and are a prelude to Armageddon.

The Turkish Army has already entered Syria. Turkey President Erdogan has already called on every Islamic nation to take the Golan Heights away from Israel. Every nation that is mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38 is today fighting in Syria. According to Ezekiel Turkey will lead Libya, Iran, and Sudan into Israel. The Free Syrian Army is comprised mostly of Libyans. Iranian forces are already shelling the Golan Heights on the Israel border.

Turkey President Erdogan has vowed to remove Syria President Assad from power in Damascus. Erdogan is the Antichrist. The Turkish Army is about to enter Syria in full force. Just like the ancient Assyrians, the conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist!

Conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist

Read about the coming Turkish led invasion into Israel in my book Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon

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9 thoughts on “Conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist!

  1. Hi Craig,

    It appears that Erdogan is testing the resolve of the bear, and the loyalty of his Muslim Allies. If he is in fact the antichrist, then we should see something happen that will cause his allies to turn against Putin and join Erdogan in his march south. I am looking for him to summon representatives from the Muslim world to his palace and establish their caliphate soon.
    If it is time for the prophecies to be fulfilled concerning Damascus, and Israel than nothing, not even Russia can stop God from drawing Erdogan to invade Israel. Do you think God may use Russia to rain a little fire and brimstone on Erdogan and his armies invading Israel the first time?



    1. Hi David. Erdogan and Putin are suposed to meet this week. Putin has placed economic sanctions on Turkey. The first thing on the prophetic calendar is Turkey invading Syria’s northwestern cities (Hamah and Arpad Jer 49). My guess is that Russia will leave Syria. Perhaps they will recieve promises from Turkey this week to secure access to Syria’s warm water ports. I don’t see Russia defending Israel. I think that Ezekiel 38 indicates that God will fight against Turkey and the other invaders of Israel with the forces of nature.


  2. Probably as you said. When God has moved in times past, there is usually no doubt that it is an act of God. You also said this about Mosul flooding as a direct result of God’s righteous act. Israel really is being set up to see another battle of God against the enemy. Only this time, it will not be against the prophets of Baal, but the servants of Islam. We must pray that many Jewish people will come to Christ, and see him as savior and not judge.



  3. Hi Craig,

    I had to revisit your video on “Erdogan and possibly fulfilling the role of the Assyrian” after reading about a discovery in Israel today. The discovery was a seal from a signet ring belonging to Hezekiah. I thought that this was a very timely find, that offers proof of the good king of Judah who interceded on behalf of Israel when Senacharib threatened the southern kingdom of Israel.
    It’s not the sign of Jonah, but perhaps it will remind people of God’s ability to defend Israel when surrounded by her enemies. Archeology is very friendly to the Bible.


    1. Thanks David. Finding Hezekiah’s signet is very timely. Like the Assyrian king Tiglathpileser, Turkish President Erdogan is about to invade northern Israel. God will turn him back using the forces of nature.

      Hezekiah ruled Judah when Assyrian king Sennacherib invaded southern Israel. His forces reached just outside of Jerusalem where God killed them in their sleep.

      Isa 37:36 Then the angel of the LORD went forth, and smote in the camp of the Assyrians a hundred and fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.


    1. I find it interesting that the news reports that the Syrian regime is bombing Ghouta when Al-Qaeda in Ghouta has been bombing Damascus for the past year.


  4. I think Turkey is looking for any reason to advance and expand. After the coup attempt, Erdogan started labeling anyone that opposed him as daesh or terrorists.


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