Magog vs the overthrow of Jerusalem

Magog vs the overthrow of Jerusalem

Three separate invasions happen before, middle, and end of the Tribulation. Then one last invasion at the end of the millennial reign of Jesus.

By Craig C. White

Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 do not cover the mid-Tribulation invasion into Jerusalem by the Antichrist. The three battles of Gog and Magog (Eze 38, Eze 39, Rev 20:8) are all about Turkey as it leads the nations from the four corners of the old world into Israel.

The Ezekiel 38 invasion is repelled by God as he uses the forces of nature against Turkey, Iran, Libya, and Sudan. It could be that Jesus will return in person to fight against these invaders and also to collect his Church. I think that the Ezekiel 38 invasion will happen in the Golan Heights. Iran, Libya, and Sudan are all fighting in the Golan Heights of Syria now.

The Ezekiel 39 invasion into Israel is the same as the battle of Armageddon that happens at the end of the Tribulation. Jesus will return at his second coming to defeat the armies that have gathered against Israel.
At the end of the millennial rule of Jesus Christ, Satan will be loosed from hell. Turkey will once again lead the nations against Israel.

The mid-Tribulation invasion of Judea and Jerusalem by the Antichrist is one of the MAJOR themes that Jesus Christ taught in the Gospels. This invasion is modeled after the 167 BC invasion by Antiochus Epiphanies (Dan 8:9-11). Turkey along with Sudan and Libya will enter Israel from Egypt to go house to house taking every other Jew as prisoner. In that way, one shall be taken and the other left. Jerusalem will be overrun by its enemies for three and one half years.

Magog vs the overthrow of Jerusalem

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7 thoughts on “Magog vs the overthrow of Jerusalem

  1. Craig,

    As Erdogan leads Turkey deeper into Syria, I think he will begin to use the term Daesh for Israel. Today he called them terrorists, and he is gaining support rapidly for a rationale to “set free” Jerusalem.
    People must understand that when the antichrist says free he means bondage, and when he says peace he means all nations under Allah. There are those who claim to be Christians siding with the enemies of Israel. People have very short memories, because it was Bill Clinton’s administration along with some of todays prominent progressives who passed a resolution to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This president just followed through and recognized what God has ordained. I see two positive things that could happen as a result. First, there will be a separation in America of those who truly support Israel and those who give lip service only. Secondly, there is a chance that the west will now see Erdogan for who he truly is, a hater of Israel. However, I think it is to late, the red line has already been crossed, and we are now witnessing the march towards Jerusalem. Maybe this is what is meant by the AC knowing there is little time left, there seems to be a window of opportunity and his anger is growing. After his armies are stopped by God in the first attack, his rage will begin. Hopefully, Christ will return for His followers soon, and deliver us from the real day of rage.

    Looking up and rejoicing,



  2. From what I’ve learned there are only 2 gog and magog wars. Ezekiel 38 +39 describe the first one. Russia, Iran, Libya, Sudan come from northern parts to invade Israel. There is no mention of Satan/ antichrist. Therefore, I still don’t think Erdogan is antichrist. First one is used by God to bring Israel back to him to glorify him.(not about fighting satan).It’s my understanding that the gentiles are already gone..He now turns to Israel to work on them. 2nd gog and magog is after 1000 year, we return with god and Israel is saved and satan is main character in that war bringing nations from 4 corners.


    1. Hi Lisa. Ezekiel chapter 38 and Ezekiel chapter 39 describe two separate invasions into Israel. In Ezekiel chapter 38 God causes the invading armies to retreat. That’s what it means to put a hook into the jaw and to turn back. In Ezekiel chapter 39 the invading armies die on the battlefield and birds eat their corpses. Yuk. Ezekiel chapter 39 describes the battle of Armageddon that happens at the end of the Tribulation.


  3. Craig,

    When some were saying that Russia was Gog 40 years ago, we saw the break up of the Soviet Union. The year 2000 passed, and no evidence of an attack on Israel from Russia. many of the prophecy teachers took advantage of the Y2K scare and made a lot of money, without being called on the carpet for false prophecy. We now have building and undeniable evidence of the revived Ottoman empire under the leadership of Turkey, and many of the churches so called experts on biblical prophecy are mum. Your call of “High Time to Awake” must be directed towards Pastors, Bible teachers, and the Church’s Prophecy Teachers. They in danger of being found guilty of not dividing the Word of God correctly. At least, they should consider the evidence that is mounting for an Islamic Caliphate directed by Erdogan.



    1. Some of our most popular Bible prophecy teachers won’t listen to my arguments. A few of them have even banned me from their Facebook pages.


  4. So was the case with Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Jesus, and countless others who have dared to believe that the scriptures are the relevant word of God to a particular generation. I think we are in good company, and that’s not “Bad Company” a rock and roll band. Although, we might say “until the day that we die.”




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