End Times Inventory

End Times Inventory

By Craig C. White

There has never before been a time when the end times agenda has been so clearly laid out in front of us, or a time when these events were so eminent. Don’t be left in the dark. Pre-Rapture and Pre-Tribulation events are identifiable now. Here is a list of today’s issues. They are all part of the fabric of end times prophecy. Jesus Christ will soon come for his Church. Satan will wreak havoc on Earth. The terrible “Day of the Lord” will come. Israel will suffer a terrible trial and the world will suffer God’s wrath.

Let’s make this easy. Prophetic events prior to the Rapture of the Church and prior to the 7 year Great Tribulation period revolve around the creation of the final gentile world government or “New World Order”. Making way for the Antichrist to become King of the “world empire”. Today world leaders are working to create a unified Middle East largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. A united Middle East will more readily become part of their New World Order. The rebellions in the Middle East are facilitating this unification. Psalm 2 and Acts 2 ask the question “why do the heathen (or nations) rage?”. This is bible prophecy being fulfilled now! In Biblical terms a united Middle East is one quarter of the final gentile world empire (Dan 2:41-42). The final gentile world empire will be on earth during the 7 year “Great Tribulation” period. It will eventually be ruled by the Antichrist (Dan 7:8). Jesus Christ will destroy it at his coming (Dan 2:34)! When you think of the one world government or New World Order, don’t think that it will include the entire earth. It won’t. The final gentile world empire in bible prophecy will only include the geographic area of the ancient Roman Empire. That is, from Europe to India, and from western Russia to Saudi Arabia. This is the area of the revived Roman Empire. The Far West, Far East, South Africa, and outskirts may play a role in creating the New World Order, but they are only fringe players. Of course most of bible prophecy centers around the land of Israel.

  1. The heathen are raging. In the Middle East, Northern Egypt, and Central Asia the nations are exercising their “days of rage”. This is the prophecy of Psalm 2 and Acts 2 being fulfilled now! The Rage is an effort to unify the region under a radical Islamist banner. This will prepare the region to take it’s place in the final gentile world empire. The ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel and a removal of any subjection to the God of Israel.
  2. The destruction of Damascus Syria is eminent as prophesied in Isaiah 7 and Jeremiah 49. Like I said earlier this event is designed to bring a united Middle East into the final gentile world empire. I think that God will send the Turkish army into Syria to destroy Damascus which is Syria’s Governmental seat. Jeremiah teaches that Damascus will turn to flee. Many Syrians have already fled. NOW, we will see a MASSIVE fleeing of Syrians out of the country. Then Damascus will be destroyed. Please notice that many end times bible prophecies are being fulfilled rapidly. It is High Time to Awake and understand world events as they fulfill God’s plan!
  3. The battle of Gog and Magog may happen soon after the destruction of Damascus! Soon after the destruction of Damascus by Turkey, I think that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will lead a Middle Eastern invasion into Israel! PM Erdogan is a modern day fulfillment of Magog, the primary leader of Turkey. Turkey will be joined by Iran, Libya, and Ethiopia (Cush). Using the forces of nature and confusion, God will make the invading armies very uncomfortable. End Times bible prophecy is being fulfilled now. Please be informed and teach others of God’s word and plan.
  4. Violence in Israel is rising to the level of another Intifada.
  5. The Church is being driven out and killed in the old world (including Israel).
  6. Iran is making bombs.
  7. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Turkmenistan are forming a Central Asian Confederacy! This is another major end times prophetic event that is already underway. This new Central Asian Confederacy will be one quarter of the final Gentile world empire! Please read my commentary titled “The Leopard is Upon Us!“. This is a subject that is completely neglected by bible prophecy teachers and definitely one of my most important commentaries.
  8. Israeli leadership positions challenged

End Times

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