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High Time to Awake Press Room

High Time to Awake Press Room

High Time to Awake - Press Room

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Craig C. White is a Bible prophecy teacher and author at High Time to Awake and

Prophecy is a big part of scripture. Today the world is becoming more aware of the Bible’s dire predictions. We are looking over the precipice to the end time. Israel is at the center of Bible prophecy. It will soon suffer the final seven year period of indignation spoken of by Daniel (Dan 9:24). Soon God’s judgments will be poured out on every nation (Rev 16:2-Rev 19).

There are a lot of prophecy teachers out there. There is also a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation. There are many popular views that folks have become comfortable with. It is my job to afflict the comfortable. I am not interested in chasing every current event but my approach is to understand what the Bible says. I offer verse by verse teaching with an understanding of our times.

The Press Room provides ready to publish Bible prophecy and Bible news articles so that you can easily share them in your own publication.

Press releases

Press release – Fourth Sochi Summit – Russia, Turkey, and Iran meet on Syria

Press release: An “Extraordinary” Summit – International peace keeping force inside of Israel

Press release: Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria

Press release: U.S. bombs Syria but Turkey will destroy Damascus!

Press release – Turkey to attack Manbij and Tell Rifaat next. Syrian tanks on the Golan Heights. U.S. to leave Syria.

Press release: Great BIG Bible mess – Turkish conquest of Syria

Press release: “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference

Press release: Hamah and Tell Rifaat; End time events are happening in Syria

Press release: Kidnap Gulen?

Press release – Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights

Press release: Al-Baghdadi recording addresses ISIS troops just like Nahum predicted

Press release: Russia and Iran give Turkey “safe zone” in Idlib

Press release: ISIS women fighting on the front lines

Press release: Revelation 12 sign – September 23 Rapture

Press release: Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word


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