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New World Order

New World OrderNew World Order

Political will of the nations

by Craig C. White

OK, before we begin I want to say this. This article is less of a bible study and more of my own observation on the political will of nations today. The will of the nations today reflect bible prophecy, particularly concerning the creation of the New World Order.

Today we must start by looking at Syria. As you know, Syria is in the midst of a civil war. Rebels led by the Muslim Brotherhood are fighting to overthrow the current government. The Syrian forces are led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Syria’s capital city Damascus is prophesied to be attacked by an army and destroyed (Jeremiah 49:24-27).

There is a strong desire by the UN, US, European Union, Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey, and others to oust Syria’s President Assad. The US is reluctant to send troops, probably because it may sour the electorate. Russia is aiding the Assad government, not desiring a more radical Islamic neighbor.

  World leadership is working to create a unified Middle East largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. A united Middle East will more readily become part of their New World Order. In Biblical terms this is one quarter of the “final gentile world empire” (Dan 2:41-42). The final gentile world empire will be on earth during the 7 year “Great Tribulation” period. It will eventually be ruled by the Antichrist (Dan 7:8). Jesus Christ will destroy it at his coming!

  Meanwhile in Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is struggling to keep his job. While he himself is a Muslim with virulent hatred toward Israel; he faces the same power struggle as most other Middle Eastern leaders these days. The Muslim Brotherhood is challenging Middle Eastern governments with a sweeping extreme Islamist rule. To demonstrate his solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood and ultimately, keep his own job; Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has lined his army along Syria’s border. This is an answer to the prayers of the United States. Turkey invades Syria so the US doesn’t have to. In exchange for this, the US agrees not to interfere with a Turkish led invasion into Israel. Will the US allow a Middle Eastern invasion into Israel to advance the New World Order? According to Ezekiel 38, Turkey will lead an invasion into Israel along with Iran, Libya, and Sudan. They do not succeed. This is called “the battle of Gog and Magog”.

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