Obama’s selective Al-Qaeda prejudice

Obama’s selective Al-Qaeda prejudice

Khorasan vs Free Syrian Army

By Craig C. White

The Al-Qaeda terrorist group called Khorasan is from Saudi Arabia. So what?

The US has been bombing the Al-Qaeda terrorist group called ISIS in Syria. ISIS members consists of Al-Qaeda from northern Iraq. They are headquartered in Mosul. The US has also been bombing the Al-Qaeda terrorist group called Khorasan in Syria. The Al-Qaeda terrorist group called Khorasan is from Saudi Arabia.

Here is a perspective that will help you make sense of what is going on in Syria. Three different Al-Qaeda groups are fighting in Syria against the Syrian Army and Syrian President Assad. The first to arrive was the Al-Qaeda group from Libya. They also call themselves “The Free Syrian Army”. The Free Syrian Army is NOT Syrian! The Free Syrian Army was born in Libya. It was created by Libyans. It is commanded by Libyans. These terrorist groups give themselves names of the regions that they intend to conquer. The Libyans have now also created the “Free Egyptian Army” in Libya. US President Obama and the network news will tell you that the “Free Syrian Army” consists of “moderate rebels”. That is a BIG LIE! The Libyan comprised “Free Syrian Army” is not moderate.

AL-Qaeda from Libya is supported and directed by the Muslim Brotherhood and by Turkey. US President Obama’s best friend Turkish President Erdogan wants the Libyan Al-Qaeda group to conquer Syria! But because the Libyans have struggled against the Syrian Army two more Al-Qaeda groups have also entered the fight in Syria. They are ISIS from Northern Iraq and Khorasan from Saudi Arabia. Both of these two groups want to claim their share of a vanquished Syria. The Muslim Brotherhood, Turkish President Erdogan, and US President Obama don’t like Northern Iraq and Saudi Arabia meddling in their conquest of Syria! From their point of view, Libya must conquer Syria on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkish President Erdogan must be seen as the rightful head of this new Islamic Caliphate! So the Muslim Brotherhood, Erdogan, and Obama are targeting ISIS; and now they are also targeting Khorasan. Just a heads up. Libya will fail to overthrow Syria and Turkey will be required to enter Syria and decimate its capital city of Damascus. Jeremiah chapter 49 tells us that Damascus will be invaded from the Turkish border.

US President Obama is using American assets to ensure that Turkish President Erdogan controls Syria! American force will not be used to rescue innocent civilians from genocide in northern Iraq or to deliver Syrian towns from their occupation by ISIS. Obama will only target ISIS and Khorasan where they threaten Libya’s and ultimately Turkey’s dominance in Syria, or where they threaten Baghdad in Iraq.

Turkish President Erdogan along with the Muslim Brotherhood covet control over Syria. US President Obama is willing to help them. They are using Al-Qaeda from Libya to accomplish their dreams. ISIS from Iraq, and Khorasan from Saudi Arabia are getting in their way. So now they are also using US force.

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