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Prophetic Terms

High Time to Awake – Bible Prophecy
with Craig C. White

Prophetic Terms

The following is a list of prophetic terms. It was compiled as a reference for the reader. The prophetic definitions reflect the author’s interpretation.

A falling away: the fall of Satan out of heaven

Abaddon: Hebrew lit. destroyer, Satan

Ammon: Lot’s son, ancient city in present day Jordan

Ancient of days: God

Anti-Christ: a wicked man empowered by Satan during the end time

Apollyon: Greek lit. destroyer, Satan

Archangel: Michael the chief angel of Israel

Ariel: Mount Zion, the hill of Ophel, the “City of David” in Jerusalem

Armageddon: lit. valley of Megiddo, also called valley of Jehoshaphat, also valley of Jezreel; a valley in north western Israel

Azal: wilderness east of the Mount of Olives where the azazel (scapegoat) was released (Lev 16:8-27)

Azazel: lit. complete removal, translated “scapegoat”

Babel: to confuse speech

Babylon: city, state, and ancient empire located in today’s Iraq

Bear: symbol of Russia

Beast: gentile political body, world empires, nations, confederacies of nations, also anti-Christ

Begotten: give rise to, bring about

Blasphemy: lit. to speak harm

Bottomless pit: hell

Bozrah: Ancient Capital of Edom

Caliphate: kingdom ruled by a caliph (chief Muslim civil and religious ruler)

Christ’s coming: Jesus’ coming for his church, also Jesus’ “second coming” to judge all nations

Church: believers in Christ

City of David: Ariel, Mount Zion, the hill of Ophel, in Jerusalem

Dedan: son of Cush son of Ham son of Noah; todays Saudi Arabia

Dragon: also called that old serpent, the Devil, Satan, the deceiver, etc.

Eagle’s wings: God’s supernatural help given to Israel in time of flight

Edom: Idumaea, ancient country of Esau, in present day Jordan

End of days: “the Great Tribulation”

End time: period before Jesus’ coming to earth up to and including “the Great Tribulation”

Epistle: lit. letter

Gentiles: Hebrew Goyim, heathen, nations

Goat:  symbol of ancient Grecian Empire

Gog and Magog: an end time battle, Gog is the land of present day Turkey; Magog is its leader or at least its chief founder

Gog: The land and cities of Magog and his family including Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, Ashkenaz, Riphath, Togarmah, Tiras, and Tarshish; ancient name for the land of modern Turkey

Gospel: lit. good news

Goyim: Hebrew for heathen, nations, gentiles

Hamonah: multitude (Ezekiel 39)

Hamongog: multitude of Gog (Ezekiel 39)

Heads: nations, empires, principalities

Heathen: Hebrew Goyim, nations, gentiles

Heaven: the dwelling place of God

Hinnom: a Jebusite man, Greek Gehenna, English hell, the everlasting destination of the unsaved

Holy Spirit: the third person of the trinity, God

Horns: Kings

Idumaea: Edom, ancient country of Esau, in present day Jordan

Jerusalem: Capital of Israel lit. fortress or stronghold of peace

Judah, Judaea: Son of Jacob, southern region of Israel, location of Jerusalem

Kingdom of God: God’s domain, everlasting life with God in righteousness, also; Kingdom of Heaven

Lake of fire: eternal habitation of the damned

Lamb: Jesus Christ crucified for the payment of the penalty of sin

Leopard: symbol of a south central Asian confederacy of four nations, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan

Lion with eagle’s wings: symbol of England

Little horn: secondary leader, prince, vice-president, governor etc., Antiochus Epiphanies, anti-Christ

Magog: chief founder and leader of Gog (modern Turkey)

Man of sin: the anti-Christ

Many waters: peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues (Rev 17:15)

Mark of the beast:  mark taken by unbelievers during the end time in order to buy or sell (Rev 13, 14, 15, 16, 19 & 20)

Megiddo, Megiddon: town in north western Israel, root of Armageddon

Millennium: one thousand year reign of Christ on earth

Moab: Lot’s son, ancient city in present day Jordan

Mount of Olives: hill directly East of Jerusalem

Mount Zion: Ariel, hill of Ophel, the “City of David” in Jerusalem

Mountains: principalities, governments

Mystery Babylon the Great: a great city in existence during the end time, presumably Dubai

New Jerusalem: heavenly city one day coming to earth

Nineveh: ancient capital city of the Assyrian empire, located in today’s northern Iraq

Ophel: Ariel, Mount Zion, the “City of David” in Jerusalem

Palmerworm, locust, cankerworm, caterpillar:  locusts

Perdition: eternal punishment and damnation

Persia: ancient Elam, todays Iran

Provocation: Israel’s disobedience towards God during their forty years in the wilderness

Purple: dyed cloth

Ram: symbol of ancient Persian Empire

Rapture: the physical removal of all believers in Christ at his coming

Resurrection: bodily raising from the dead

Revelation: Greek apocalypse, an unveiling

Sanctification: lit. to be set apart, from the power of sin

Saved: pardoned from the punishment of sin which is death

Season and time: idiom meaning one year and three months

Second Coming: Jesus’ return to earth at the end of “the Great Tribulation” to judge all nations

Seventieth week of Daniel: (Daniel 9:24) the final seven years of God’s indignation toward Israel

Sheba: son of Cush son of Ham son of Noah; todays United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Tarshish: Magog’s nephew, southeastern coastal town in Turkey

The day of the Lord: the day of Jesus’ vengeance against all gentile nations at the end of “the Great Tribulation”

The four winds of heaven: spiritual forces that influence political events over specific geographic regions

The great and the terrible day of the Lord: the day of Jesus’ vengeance against all gentile nations at the end of “the Great Tribulation”

The great sea: the multitude of nations over all the Earth, also the Mediterranean Sea when geographically referencing Israel

The Great Tribulation: seven years of terrible trial for Israel and terrible judgments for all nations of earth.

The time of Jacob’s trouble: Jeremiah 30:7, The Great Tribulation, seven years of terrible trial for Israel

Thessalonica: City and Church in far eastern Europe

Time and times and the dividing of time: idiom meaning three and a half years

Trump of God: the long trumpet call announcing Christ’s coming

Waters: peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.

Whore: false religion, sexual immorality, Mystery Babylon

Wilderness: dessert

Wings: associated nations

Woman: religious body (true or apostate)

Ziggurat: a stepped tower

Zophar: (the Naamathite) one of Job’s miserable comforters, a wealthy man of ancient Arabia

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