Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Mosul

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Mosul

The Prophet Nahum describes the destruction and flooding of Mosul.

By Craig C. White

I am fervently watching events in Mosul. At some point I am expecting Mosul to be destroyed by a flood of water. The ISIS saga seems to be taking a long time to unfold. On Monday July 10, 2017 Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared victory over ISIS in Mosul; however fighting has continued this week. Most of the ISIS strongholds have been overrun but there are still a few pockets remaining. ISIS last fighting positions are located on the Tigris River in the Old City neighborhood of western Mosul. The Old City neighborhood has been devastated by the war. Some seven thousand civilians have been killed, with tens of thousands more wounded. Mosul is Iraq’s second largest city with a pre-war population of nearly two million people. Nearly one million residents have been displaced from their homes.

Mosul is built around the ruins of ancient Nineveh. As a matter of fact Iraqis still refer to Mosul as Nineveh. Nineveh was the capital of the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrians were infamous for committing the same sorts of atrocities that ISIS is known for today. The Prophet Nahum calls them vile. The Prophet Nahum predicted the flooding and plundering of Nineveh. Nineveh was flooded by the Tigris River and then set upon by the Babylonians, Medes, and Persians in 612 BC. The city was plundered and burned for two months until almost nothing remained. Today these same nations are fighting against ISIS in Mosul. Nahum predicted the flooding and destruction of Nineveh but his words could apply to the modern day city of Mosul even more.

Let me begin by saying that the Old Testament book of Nahum definitely predicts that Nineveh (or modern day Mosul) will be destroyed by a flood of water. Remember that ancient Nineveh was flooded in 612 BC.

Nahum 1:8 But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

Nahum says that the gates of the Tigris River will be opened. Today the Mosul dam is in danger of bursting. If the Mosul dam broke it could sent a seventy five foot tall wave of water over downtown Mosul.

Nahum 2:6 The gates of the rivers shall be opened, and the palace shall be dissolved.

Nahum also says that the palace will be dissolved. Interestingly the palace of Assyrian King Sennacherib has just been rediscovered for the first time since Nineveh flooded in 612 BC. The palace ruins are located in eastern Mosul directly across the Tigris River from the last stronghold of ISIS.

Nahum 2:8 But Nineveh is of old like a pool of water: yet they shall flee away. Stand, stand, shall they cry; but none shall look back.

In the verse above, Nahum is saying that Nineveh will look like a water reservoir for many days. So Nahum definitely describes a flood of water, but Nahum also describes an invading army and the defeat of the Assyrian forces by military combat.

Nahum 3:1-3 Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not; 2 The noise of a whip, and the noise of the rattling of the wheels, and of the pransing horses, and of the jumping chariots. 3 The horseman lifteth up both the bright sword and the glittering spear: and there is a multitude of slain, and a great number of carcases; and there is none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses:

Nahum 3:3 describes Nineveh as being littered with dead bodies. This week Nahum 3:3 has been fulfilled. The Iraqi Army cannot allow the residents of western Mosul to return to their homes because there are so many dead bodies that must be removed. Compare Nahum 3:3 to this quote from this story in the Mirror titled; ISIS’ last stand: How bloody final battle for Mosul took place in tiny 150-yard street strewn with bodies.

“Families described not being able to walk without stepping on a corpse or a body part and were holed up with suicide bombers in the tiny street”

The following verse describes the Assyrian soldiers as they hide from the advancing army. To seek strength means that they will look for a fortified shelter to protect themselves from the battle.

Nahum 3:11 Thou also shalt be drunken: thou shalt be hid, thou also shalt seek strength because of the enemy.

This week many ISIS fighters have been pulled out of tunnels and out from beneath rubble where they were hiding.

The next verse says that their fortified fighting positions will be readily defeated. The Iraqi Army has made steady progress against ISIS in Mosul; pushing them into a small patch of the Old City neighborhood next to the Tigris River.

Nahum 3:12 All thy strong holds shall be like fig trees with the firstripe figs: if they be shaken, they shall even fall into the mouth of the eater.

Yes I think that the book of Nahum predicts the flooding of ISIS in Mosul, but Nahum also describes the Assyrian Army (and perhaps ISIS as well) as they are killed by fire and by sword. These things have happened in Mosul over the past several months.

Nahum 3:14-15 Draw thee waters for the siege, fortify thy strong holds: go into clay, and tread the morter, make strong the brickkiln. 15 There shall the fire devour thee; the sword shall cut thee off, it shall eat thee up like the cankerworm: make thyself many as the cankerworm, make thyself many as the locusts.

In the passage above, Nahum also mentions that ISIS will use bricks to fortify their position. I think that this could be accomplished at their current location next to the Tigris River in western Mosul. This is the last stronghold of ISIS in Mosul. It has also been their headquarters and epicenter for the past three years. ISIS has erected cloth tarps over the city streets in this area in order to hide the view of their activities from the air. If these tarps are removed to reveal brickwork fortifications then expect a flood. Interestingly, ISIS’s final stronghold is located on the west side of the Tigris River directly across from the Nineveh ruins.

Several events that Nahum describes have already happened in Mosul. Here are a few other things that we can expect to see happen soon that would confirm Nahum’s prophecy.

Nahum 1:11 says that a wicked leader will come out of Nineveh. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is thought to have fled Mosul. It is suspected that he is hiding in small ISIS controlled villages west of Mosul.

Nahum 1:11 There is one come out of thee, that imagineth evil against the LORD, a wicked counsellor.

There have been a lot of mixed reports lately about whether or not Al-Baghdadi has been killed. Pentagon chief Jim Mattis said on July 14, 2017 that the US cannot confirm that ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi is dead.

“If we knew, we would tell you — right now, I can’t confirm or deny it,” Mattis said. “Our approach is we assume he’s alive until it’s proven otherwise, and right now I can’t prove it otherwise.”

In the next verse Nahum says that this wicked leader will formally address his troops. So a message from Al-Baghdadi to the last remaining ISIS fighters in Mosul would be appropriate.

Nahum 2:5 He shall recount his worthies: they shall stumble in their walk; they shall make haste to the wall thereof, and the defence shall be prepared.

Nahum 1:10 says that the Assyrians (or perhaps ISIS) will be gathered closely together when they are destroyed. ISIS has been gathered together in western Mosul. In Nahum 1:14 God says that he will punish the people of Nineveh (or Mosul) because they are vile. That certainly describes ISIS. Mosul is Nineveh and ISIS is an attempt at reviving the Assyrian Empire. In Nahum 1:9 God says that “affliction shall not rise up the second time.” meaning that God will not allow the Assyrian Empire to afflict Israel for a second time. Today we can see ISIS being diminished in Syria and northern Iraq. We are seeing Bible prophecy being fulfilled in Mosul. Be on the lookout for more to follow. At some point I am expecting Mosul to be destroyed by a flood of water.

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Mosul

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