Jesus is coming but Christians are uninformed.

Jesus is coming!

But Christians are woefully uninformed

By Craig C. White

Jesus is coming to rescue his Church from the Tribulation but Christians are woefully uninformed. Even our most popular Bible teachers don’t understand what is happening. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist! He will invade Syria and destroy Damascus. Then he will lead an invasion into the Golan Heights of Israel. These are the same things that the ancient Assyrian kings did (Isaiah 10).

The Psalm 83 war is not about to happen so stop looking for it. Psalm 83 is a cry for God’s help by the residents of Judea who have fled to Jordan for refuge. The Psalm 83 war happens at the end of the Tribulation. Jesus Christ will personally defeat the armies that have come against the Judean refugees living in the Moab province of Jordan during Jerusalem’s “great tribulation” (Matt 24:21).

The next biblical events to look for are the invasion of northwestern Syria by Turkey and the subsequent destruction of Damascus (Jer 49:23-27). Afterwards Turkey will lead the forces that are now fighting in Syria into northern Israel. This battle is described in Ezekiel chapter 38. Every nation that is mentioned in Ezekiel chapter 38 is now fighting in Syria. God will cause Israel’s enemies to retreat using a great earthquake, torrential rain, disease, and infighting. The seven year term peace treaty may be signed at that point.

The Prophet Nahum describes the flooding of the ancient Assyrian capital city of Nineveh. Today Mosul in northern Iraq is Nineveh. Mosul is the hometown and headquarters of ISIS. Nahum may have also predicted the flooding of ISIS in Mosul. Today the Mosul dam is in danger of bursting. This may be the last sign to Israel for them to repent because a terrible time of trouble is coming upon them. Israel must believe that Jesus Christ truly is their promised Messiah and God.

Earthquakes are described as the “beginning of sorrows” in Matthew 24:7 but these are not signs for Church age Christians. These are signs that occur during the first half of the Tribulation and are meant for the Jews living in Jerusalem and Judea. They happen just before the Antichrist and his armies overrun Jerusalem.

Don’t be left out in the dark. Your best chance of understanding our impending salvation (that is our physical rescue from the Tribulation period) is to read my commentaries and especially to read my books. They are concise and written to inform. Of course you must also study the scriptures for yourselves to see if the things that I am saying are true. The Resurrection and Rapture is close at hand. It’s High Time to prepare to meet the Lord! A seven year period of terrible wars and natural disasters must be escaped. Remember that it is High Time to Awake because our salvation is nearer than when we first believed (Rom 13:11).

Jesus is coming
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