Mr. Magog!

Magog prophecy© 2011 Craig White

Mr. Magog!

Now appearing on the world stage!

by Craig C. White

  For many years Turkey has been an ally to Israel and the US. Since 2003 Turkey has become less cooperative with the US and grown more and more antagonistic toward Israel. Lately Turkey has shown its propensity toward radical Islam. According to bible prophecy in Ezekiel 38, Gog is the land of Turkey and Magog is its prominent settler. I believe that Magog also refers to an end time Turkish leader. Turkey (Gog) and its prominent leader (Magog) will lead a military campaign against Israel. It is called “The battle of Gog and Magog” (read my commentary titled “Magog Made Easy”). According to Ezekiel 38:5 Turkey will be joined by Iran, Libya and Ethiopia (Includes Sudan).  “Magog”, Turkey’s prominent leader will lead the charge. Today Turkey has a leader that fits the Magog profile. His name is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He became Prime Minister of Turkey in 2003. He is a devout Muslim and has an ingrained animosity toward Israel. He also has a volatile disposition. He has been over-zealous in his public hatred and provocation toward Israel. While most Middle Eastern despots are being besieged and exiled, Prime Minister Erdoğan is popular and gaining in popularity.  Erdoğan has continued to publicly overstate his condemnation of Israel. He volunteered to personally board the second flotilla scheduled to sail to Gaza (summer 2011). The flotilla is designed to provoke Israel to international incident and give an excuse to retaliate against her. The flotilla has been thwarted thanks to the Greek Coastguard, but the animosity toward Israel continues to be buoyed.

  Prime Minister Erdoğan is a sign of the end time. Some want to call him the “anti-Christ”. He may be a little “anti-Christ” but reserve judgment for now. The anti-Christ is empowered by Satan to do false miracles. We will know him for his blasphemy and false wonders (read my commentary titled “The Fall; and Rise of the Antichrist”). The anti-Christ will also enforce a seven year security contract with Israel that he will break in the middle of its term. Prime Minister Erdoğan is Magog, the prominent leader of Gog (Turkey). He has the will to attack Israel. We need to be watchful to see if he does. It is high time to listen to the hand-puppet, Mr. Magog, Now appearing on the world stage!

!!News Bulletin!!
DATELINE: July 25, 2011
Israel has requested assistance from the US to bomb Iranian nuclear facilities. September 2011 has been reported to be a probable time frame for the bombing. Israel said that it wants to take action before the UN votes to unilaterally create a Palestinian State. The UN vote is scheduled for late September or October. This could be the trigger that sets off the Turkish, plus Iranian, Libyan, and Ethiopian (Including Sudan) invasion of Israel. In other words, we could be about to witness the battle of Gog and Magog!!!
!!News Bulletin!!
DATELINE: Sept 3, 2011
Turkey announced that it plans on expelling Israel’s ambassador to Istanbul. Turkey is also downgrading diplomatic relations with Israel. Turkey’s president warned that there could be further measures. This sounds like the prelude to the battle of Gog and Magog!!!


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