Turkey Parliament election results

Turkey Parliament election results

By Craig C. White

Erdogan’s AKP party comfortably won the Turkey parliament election with 41% of the vote. The Republican People’s Party came in second with 25% of the vote. In 2011 the AKP party won 49% of the vote so they lost 8% on June 7th. Erdogan and the AKP party was hoping to win a two thirds (or 66%) majority so they could vote to change the constitution to make Erdogan the dictator of Turkey. Winning a two thirds majority is a very difficult feat. I didn’t think that the AKP party would accomplish that but Erdogan’s party still won the highest percentage of the vote. Erdogan hasn’t lost his position or power. He has just been forced to form a coalition party.

Erdogan now has the opportunity to reconcile with his arch rival Fethullah Gülen and the Republican People’s Party. Forming a coalition with the Republican People’s Party would give Erdogan his two thirds or 66% majority. By the way Fethullah Gülen may be the False Prophet.

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