The Bear is Upon Us!

The Bear is Upon Us!

A new Russian Union!

By Craig C. White

I wrote my commentary “The Leopard is Upon Us!” in 2011. It is a verse by verse study of Daniel chapter 7. Daniel 7 is about the formation of the next world empire including the formation of a Russian Union. Well the new Russian Union is here! According to Daniel 7 the end time Russian Union is a major milestone in the formation of the final man ruled world empire.

Kazakhstan and Belarus have joined Russia in a new Eurasian economic Union. I think this is a big step. Daniel chapter 7 tells us about the Russian bear during the end times. In Daniel 7:5 three ribs (leaders or nations) tell the bear to devour much territory. It is very possible that two of these ribs are represented by Kazakhstan and Belarus. Ukraine was initially expected to join this Union. Those plans fell apart, but not for long. By creating this Eurasian economic Union, Russia is broadcasting to the world their intentions of creating a Russian political Union.

The new Russian Union is here!! Christians should be alerted that Daniel chapter 7 is moving forward. This is an economic Union. I suspect that three nations will one day soon say to Russia, You must create a political Union! Arise, devour much flesh.

Russia is driving a wedge between several countries along its western border and the European Union! Several ex-Soviet nations are seeking stronger trade agreements with the EU. Russia is taking steps to stop this. The Russian government is applying diplomatic and economic pressure to the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and others.

Why am I telling you this? Because I believe that Daniel chapter 7 tells us about this! In the days just before the Tribulation and even to the day of Jesus Christ’s second coming the Russian bear will represent a Russian Union! So Russia will soon recapture prior Soviet block nations along its western border. This Russian Union will become 1/3 part of the next world empire.

Dan 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

The nation that is obviously symbolized by a bear is Russia. For the last one hundred years prophecy scholars have identified the bear in Daniel 7 as Russia. The bear is holding three ribs in its Mouth. They are in (or among) the teeth like a bit. They exist together at the same time. They speak to the bear all at once. They are probably nations already under Russian control. I think that the bear is devouring (or eating) territory. I think the Russian bear is raised up along its southwestern border to bring back under its authority (and ultimately into the fold of the next world empire) the following countries: Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan all north of the Caucasus Mountains; also Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova all west of the Ural Mountains. Most people will tell you that the Roman Empire didn’t extend into Russia, but the best scholarship says that it reached as far as the western slopes of the Ural Mountains. In 2008 Russia tested its ability to take back the former Soviet territory of Georgia.

The nations that Russia is likely to conquer are the nations that were part of the ancient Roman Empire and also former Soviet Union territories but not part of the European Union or Middle East. Remember, the goal is to reconstitute the territories of the past world empires.

The four winds of heaven are blowing to consolidate regional powers. The goal is to reconstitute a past world empire, so Russia will probably overtake nations that once belonged to the Roman Empire. All of the above listed nations were part of the ancient Roman Empire, and are all situated along Russia’s southwestern border. I want to stress that this is my inclination! Daniel’s prophecy doesn’t spell out these countries by name.

As Russia watches the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and Turkey swallow Syria it is growing increasingly concerned about protecting its Southwestern side. The Russian bear will raise up on one side and devour its western neighbors!

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