Pervez Preserved

Pervez Preserved

Musharraf allowed to leave Pakistan

By Craig C. White

Remember when former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf was served an arrest warrant for the Benazir Bhutto assassination in 2007. Musharraf fled Pakistan and was exile in London and Dubai. He was never tried. He is now back in Pakistan.

Musharraf is the Pakistani front-man for the formation of a new Central Asian Union. I think that this Central Asian Union is described in Daniel 7 and is represented by a Leopard. The formation of this Central Asian Union is a major milestone in the formation of the final gentile world empire. Well former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has gleefully expressed his desire to have US President Barrack Obama as their “Supreme Leader”. It is interesting to note that the Pakistani leadership is in the market for a Supreme Leader; considering this is a newly created position.

Back in January 2014 Pervez Musharraf was to stand trial for treason in Pakistan. He feigned illness to avoid his trial date which could have concluded with a death sentence. Pervez Musharraf has ducked his treason trial 3 times now.

Here is the latest news. As of June 12, 2014 the Pakistan high court has agreed to allow Musharraf to leave Pakistan. In other words he is being allowed freedom to travel abroad. So he has not yet come to trial and is now being set free.

I think Pervez Musharraf is Pakistan’s lead character in the creation of a new Central Asian Union. This Union could be the same as the Leopard in Daniel 7:6. World powers have preserved Pervez until he fulfills his role in the new world regime.

Read this article on the BBC

Pakistan court backs Musharraf request to leave country

pervez musharraf

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