Russia vs Ukraine

Russia vs Ukraine

Three Russian leaders call for a new Russian Union

By Craig C. White

Folks seem to be stirred up over the possibility of a Russian takeover of Ukraine. The other possibility is a European takeover of Ukraine. Add to the instability in Ukraine another close neighbor and ally to Russia. Syria is about to fall to Islamist factions. Justifiably Russia is feeling nervous about its western border. I would like to point out that Ukraine has been aligned with Russia up to now. Russia has several major oil pipelines that run through Ukraine to Europe. I am certain that Russia will not relinquish control of Ukraine to western powers.

Will the US get involved in Ukraine? I don’t think so. First of all it would be difficult to defend Ukraine against Russia from afar; and defend it for whom? Second consider this. The US has supported the Islamist rebels in Syria. Russia has supported Syrian President Assad and has threatened the US against involvement in Syria. The region is being divided into an Islamist Middle East, Russian states, and Central Asian states. The US may concede Ukraine to Russia in exchange for more latitude in Syria. That being said we may now expect a more aggressive offensive in Syria. In bible prophecy terms that may mean the soon destruction of Damascus.

Ukraine is a prior Soviet bloc nation and the largest country on Russia’s western border. There is a political battle going on in Ukraine. Half of its citizens want to align the country with the European Union and the other half want to align with Russia. Pro-EU protestors have taken to the streets in violence after Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych signed an economic agreement with Russia. Lately protestors have taken over the Presidential office and residence in Kiev sending President Yanukovych fleeing for safety. Now it seems that an unstable Ukraine is up for grabs to the European Union or to Russia. My bet is that Russia wants Ukraine much more and that Russia has the power to get their way.

Does the bible say anything about the fate of Ukraine? Well not by name but I think that it does spell out the formation of an end time Russian Union including its neighbors along its western border.

Daniel 7:5 And behold another beast, a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

Beasts in bible prophecy represent governments such as nations or groups of nations. The nation that is obviously symbolized by a bear is Russia. For the last one hundred years prophecy scholars have identified the bear in Daniel 7 as Russia. I think the three ribs are yet to come. But let me alert you! We are already seeing signs of them! They are in (or among) the teeth like a bit. They exist together at the same time. They speak to the bear all at once. They are either Russian political or military leaders. I think the bear is devouring (or eating) territory. I think the Russian bear is raised up along its southwestern border to bring back under its authority (and ultimately into the fold of the revived World Empire) the following countries: Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan all north of the Caucasus Mountains; also Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova all west of the Ural Mountains. Most people will tell you that the Roman Empire didn’t extend into Russia, but the best scholarship says that it reached as far as the western slopes of the Ural Mountains. In 2008 Russia tested its ability to take back the former Soviet territory of Georgia. I think that Russia will again flex its influence in the region to recapture prior Soviet bloc nations along its western border. It seems that we could see this happen shortly.

Russia vs Ukraine

Countries that the Russian bear will devour!

The nations that Russia is likely to conquer are the nations that were part of the ancient Roman Empire and also former Soviet Union territories but not part of the European Union or Middle East. Remember, the goal is to reconstitute the territories of the ancient Roman Empire.

Daniel 7:2 Daniel spake and said, I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea.

In Daniel 7:2 the four winds of heaven are blowing to consolidate regional powers. The goal is to reconstitute a World Empire, so Russia will probably overtake nations that once belonged to the Roman Empire. All of the above listed nations were part of the ancient Roman Empire, and are all situated along Russia’s southwestern border (see map above). I want to stress that this is my inclination! Daniel’s prophecy doesn’t spell out these countries by name.

Be on the lookout for three Russian leaders to proclaim that Russia must now aggressively defend itself by conquering several nations along its western border.

Russia vs Ukraine

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8 thoughts on “Russia vs Ukraine

  1. Like you, I think it is highly unlikely the West will fight it out with Russia over the Ukraine, however, it will be interesting to see if perhaps the West will get back at Russia by proxy (Turkey) into an area of great Russian interest (Syria).


  2. Shoebat in 2008 said the bear falls to Iran the prophecy of the whole Bible never uses any country or the westen nations only the middle east where the islamic rule.??


    1. I like Walid Shoebat. He is on the right track concerning the Turkish Antichrist and Middle East role in end time prophecy. The identities of the kingdoms in Daniel 7 is one thing that we disagree on. I think that the bear represents Russia. They are already forming their new Russian Union. Please read my commentary on Daniel 7 titled The Leopard is Upon Us!


      1. Hi Sergio. I don’t know. They are in some danger of Russian aggression but with a little good fortune they may escape.


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