The world is remembering the Yazidis

The world is remembering the Yazidis

It’s time for us to remember Nahum!

By Craig C. White

When the Yazidi people were first attacked by ISIS the world did very little to help them. The Yazidis fled to the Sinjar Mountains where eventually they did receive some help from the US and the Kurds. After a while most of us forgot about them altogether. Well I have noticed that lately several news outlets are remembering the Yazidis. That is interesting because the Prophet Nahum says that ISIS may suffer the same fate that they imposed upon the Yazidis. After God wipes out ISIS in the northern Iraq city of Mosul with a flood of water, a number of escaping ISIS fighters may flee to the Sinjar Mountains where they will receive no help at all.

Beginning in the summer of 2014 ISIS executed their planned genocide and enslavement of the Yazidi people in northern Iraq. The Yazidi homeland consists of several small villages that center around the town of Sinjar and the nearby Sinjar Mountains.

On August 3, 2014 ISIS took control of Sinjar and some surrounding villages causing 200,000 civilians to flee. Some 50,000 Yazidis took refuge in the Sinjar Mountains. ISIS immediately killed 5,000 Yazidi men and enslaved 3,500 women and children. The remaining Yazidis that were left inside of the city suffered ongoing execution at the hands of ISIS. By October 2014 it was estimated that up to 15,000 Yazidi had been killed and that 7,000 women and children had been abducted. ISIS continues to oppress the Yazidi people until this day near the towns of Sinjar and Mosul in northern Iraq and also in Syria.

The Yazidis that fled to the Sinjar Mountains were trapped without food, water, or shelter. Several hundred quickly died of dehydration and starvation. On August 7, 2014 US President Obama ordered airstrikes against ISIS in Sinjar and also ordered emergency relief aid for the Yazidis that were trapped in the Sinjar Mountains. With the help of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters most of the Yazidis were rescued from the Sinjar Mountains but around 5,000 Yazidis still remain there in refugee camps. Many of the escaping refugees fled to Kurdish controlled areas of Syria, Iraq, and Turkey. But many others returned to defend the Yazidi villages that surround the town of Sinjar.

In mid-November 2016 Kurdish forces were able to retake control of Sinjar from ISIS. The town had been so badly damaged that almost nobody was able to return; besides the fact that ISIS was still active nearby making returning to Sinjar dangerous.

Today the Iraqi Army, the Kurds, and Iranian backed Shia militia have nearly surrounded ISIS in Mosul, but ISIS fighters still control a corridor from the east of Sinjar to Mosul. That is extremely interesting in light of Bible prophecy. If Mosul falls the only escape route would lead ISIS to the Sinjar Mountains.

The Prophet Nahum says that God will destroy “the place” where Nineveh was built with a flood of water. In 612 BC God sent torrential rains to swell the Tigris River and to flood Nineveh. Today Mosul is built surrounding the ruins of ancient Nineveh. The feeble Mosul dam sits a few miles north of Mosul. If the Mosul dam were to burst it would send a seventy foot high wave of water over the city of Mosul. The only way of possible escape would be to the west towards Sinjar. Not many ISIS fighters would survive the flood in Mosul but any that were fortunate to be far enough west of the Tigris River may find themselves trapped on top of the Sinjar Mountains.

Nahum 3:18-19 Thy shepherds slumber, O king of Assyria: thy nobles shall dwell in the dust: thy people is scattered upon the mountains, and no man gathereth them.

When the Yazidis were stuck on the Sinjar Mountains they received some mercy and help from the US and the Kurds. When the band of ISIS retreaters are at last trapped on the Sinjar Mountains nobody will try to rescue them or to help them at all.

The world is remembering the Yazidis

The world is remembering the Yazidis

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2 thoughts on “The world is remembering the Yazidis

  1. Greetings Craig. I really appreciate your insight into what’s happening with Nineveh/Mosul.

    My understanding is that the failure of the Saddam Dam in Mosul would essentially destroy Mosul, Samarra and Tikrit, with flooding going at least as far as Baghdad. Flood levels at Baghdad would reach 6-8 feet, on average. In other words, the environmental and economic catastrophe would create millions of refugees and end essentially end the Iraqi political state.

    Is there anyway that Ankara could increase the flow of the Tigris River in order to expedite this scenario?


    1. Hi Sean. Nahum says that the gates of the Rivers will open. I don’t know that that means that the Mosul dam will completely fail but it could. Turkey could bomb the dam but I’m not sure that that is what Nahum describes. At least one of the gates of the Mosul dam has literally just been opened. The Tigris River is rising.


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