“Highlights” paperback only $2.86 – kindle eBook Free!

“Highlights” paperback only $2.86

kindle eBook Free!

What’s going on? Amazon has my paperback book “Highlights” on sale for only $2.86. It normally sells for $9.99.

Plus if you buy the paperback you can buy the kindle eBook edition for FREE. Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon.

“Highlights” contains my best Bible prophecy commentaries and is a great read. It is a little bit longer than most of my other books and was written to make the most important biblical insights available in one book. I’m certain that you will really love reading it. “Highlights” will bring you up to date with end time Bible prophecy events that are happening now!

This is the best deal until the Rapture! Christmas is coming soon but this low price won’t last for long. Buy the paperback for a friend and get the kindle eBook edition for yourself for Free. You will be glad that you did. Happy reading from High Time to Awake.

"Highlights" paperback only $2.86

Highlights paperback $2.86

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