Keep your eye on Mosul

Keep your eye on Mosul


By Craig C. White

Circumstances in Mosul, Iraq are a lot like they were when God wiped out the same place with a flood in 612 BC! The Prophet Nahum foretells the flooding and plundering of the ancient city of Nineveh.

Nahum 1:8 But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

Nahum tells us that God will destroy the place where Nineveh was built with a flood. Well the city of Mosul in northern Iraq is built in the same place as ancient Nineveh. Mosul is built around the ruins of ancient Nineveh on the Tigris River in Northern Iraq. So Nahum may also predict the flooding of Mosul. Today the Mosul dam is in danger of failing. Nahum says that the gates of the river will be opened.

Nahum 2:6 The gates of the rivers shall be opened, and the palace shall be dissolved.

After ancient Nineveh was flooded then three armies attacked the city. The Babylonians, Persians, and Medes pillaged the city until there was nothing left. Today those same three armies are fighting against ISIS in Mosul. Today Iraq, Iran, and the Kurds are fighting ISIS in Mosul.

On February 16th 2015 Iraq Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced plans to retake Mosul from ISIS in April or May. Since then the Iraqi army helped by the Iranian Guard have launched an attack on Tikrit halfway between Baghdad and Mosul. They are fighting their way towards Mosul. As of August 2016 several towns surrounding Mosul have been taken back from ISIS by the Iraqi Army and the Kurdish Peshmerga. From October 216 to February 2017 the Iraqi Army liberated the eastern half of Mosul. Then they began fighting ISIS in western Mosul. The Iraqi Army has pushed ISIS into the Old City neighborhood of western Mosul. ISIS now has only a small defensive position on the bank of the Tigris River located directly across from the Nineveh ruins. The final assault on Mosul is near its end.

The citizens of Mosul are beginning a week long celebration commemorating the liberation of Mosul. Nahum says that the residents of Nineveh will be drunk with wine when they are destroyed.

Keep your eye on Mosul. The same three armies that attacked ancient Nineveh are advancing on Mosul. The Prophet Nahum said that God will destroy the place where Nineveh sat with a flood. Today Mosul is sitting in the same place as ancient Nineveh.

By the way, when Mosul floods and Israel remembers the preaching of Jonah; that may be the one end time sign to Israel that Jesus is truly their God.

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Keep your eye on Mosul

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3 thoughts on “Keep your eye on Mosul

  1. Craig,
    This is all very interesting. What do you think the time frame for flooding is? Do you think the rapture could happen very soon?
    It seems like everything is accelerating.



    1. Hi Jennifer. I suspect that ISIS will be pushed towards Mosul. If ISIS is flooded than I think that it is around the corner. I’m not certain about the timing of the Rapture but it could happen before the flooding of Mosul. I suspect that Mosul will flood first. Look for Turkey’s activity in Syria.


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