Turkey makes military alliance with Iran

Turkey makes military alliance with Iran

Christians should not be surprised.

By Craig C. White

I am not surprised by Turkey’s recent military alliance with Iran even though Turkey is predominantly Sunni and Iran is Shiite. Turkey and Iran have been getting cozy for years. Probably three years ago the Iranian Hezbollah leader announced that Hezbollah (Shiite from Iran and Lebanon) and Al-Qaeda (Sunni from Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) were planning a joint attack on Israel. He said that they were going into the Galilee region. That would mean an invasion launched from southern Syria into the Golan Heights. All of these forces have been fighting in Syria for the past six years. Ezekiel 38:5 says that Turkey will lead Iran, Libya, and Sudan into Israel. If any Christian is surprised that the Ezekiel chapter 38 Turkish led invasion into Israel is about to happen then they haven’t been paying attention for a long time.

Yes I think that Turkey will attack Hamah and Tell Rifaat in northwestern Syria and then destroy Damascus very soon (Jeremiah 49:23-27). The Turkish Army is already amassed in Azaz, Syria located just to the north of Tell Riffat. Their stated goal is the conquest of Kurdish held Tell Rifaat. Tell Rifaat is called Arpad in Jeremiah 49:23. Jeremiah says that after Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear about a coming invasion then the residents of Damascus will flee and then Damascus will be destroyed. Turkish President Erdogan also admitted that the sole reason why the Turkish Army has entered Syria is to remove Syrian President Assad from power in Damascus.

After Turkey along with the Free Syrian Army destroy Damascus then I think that Turkey will lead the Iranian Army, Hezbollah from Iran, and also lead the Free Syrian Army (Al-Qaeda from Libya, Sudan and elsewhere) into Israel. God will cause these invaders to retreat by using the forces of nature against them (Ezekiel 38). I think that Israeli Rabbis will interpret this invasion as being the battle of Armageddon. According to the Bible, lasting peace for Israel follows after the battle of Armageddon. So Israel will make their peace treaty with Turkey and with Turkish President Erdogan (the Antichrist). The cry of the day will be peace and safety.

I think that somewhere in the midst of these events that the Church will be resurrected and taken away into heaven. So we are close.

Turkey makes military alliance with Iran

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5 thoughts on “Turkey makes military alliance with Iran

  1. Craig,
    I know the ramifications and biblical warnings associated with what I am about to suggest, but just maybe it is time for the prefix of “Thus sayeth the Lord.” I think the nations are ready to hear the overwhelmingly evidenced truth.
    I am willing to stand your admonitions, only because I believe they are in line with prophetic scripture.


  2. Craig,

    Thank you, but what I am trying to say is: I am willing to stand by you if you say “Thus says the Lord” as a preface to your voice of prophecy. I am nobody to offer such an endorsement, but somebody that believes you have your finger on what is unfolding in regards to end time events.



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