My book Welcome to the End Times is here!

My book Welcome to the End Times is here!

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This book is so great you do not want to stop reading and at the same time are watching the news to see if anything has happened. – Patricia

Welcome to the End Times

The Resurrection and Rapture, and the Tribulation are coming!

By Craig C. White

Welcome to the end times. You’re late! Just to be certain that we are all aware; the Antichrist is now identifiable. The one sign that Jesus will give to Israel that proves he is truly their God is set to happen any day. Jesus Christ is about to come with a trumpet call to raise the dead and to take away Christians. Jesus is coming. Not in five years but very very soon!

There is a terrible time of trouble coming on the earth. The Bible calls this seven year long period the Tribulation. The Tribulation period was designed by God to chastise the nation of Israel for their rebellion. During the Tribulation Israel will be overrun by its enemies. Many Jews will be killed or captured, and many others will flee to the Jordanian wilderness for refuge. Jerusalem will suffer the worst. At the end of the Tribulation period Israel will remember that their God is faithful. The God of Israel will never leave them or forsake them. He will be their God forever.

The Tribulation period is also a time when God will judge the nations. It is a time of terrible wars, massive earthquakes, raging seas, drought, starvation, and tremendous numbers of deaths, great darkness, and much more. Luckily God has made a way for individuals to escape from suffering through the Tribulation period.

The Apostle Paul told the Christians in Greece that they would be taken away to heaven before the Tribulation period began on earth (2Thesalonians 2). This is known as the Rapture of the Church. Paul told the early Christians that the Tribulation couldn’t begin until Satan fell from heaven and then empowered a man on earth called the Antichrist. The Antichrist would rule over the next world empire and torment the nation of Israel. Paul said that before the Tribulation began the Antichrist would be revealed on earth. Before the Tribulation began believers in Jesus Christ would be taken away up into heaven. So the revealing of the Antichrist on earth could be the end times sign that the Rapture is about to happen!

How will we be able to identify the man known as the Antichrist? There are several specific things that the Bible tells us to look for. One of the most obvious signs is that he will claim to be God. Today I know of one world leader who is claiming to be God. Turkish President Erdogan along with his supporters has now officially declared that Erdogan is God. As a matter of fact if you drive down the streets of Turkey you will see giant banners inviting you to join in the celebration of Erdogan’s holy birthday! The Turkish people now sing a song that claims that “Erdogan always gets his power from Allah!” But wait, there are several more end times signs that Turkish President Erdogan fulfills!

In Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 we are told of two invasions into Israel led by the “chief prince” or primary governor of Turkey. President Erdogan fulfills that description. He was elected as President of Turkey in December 2014 and served as Prime Minister before that since 2002.

The Bible says that the Antichrist will appear with lying wonders. That means that he will appear to do miracles but they won’t be legitimate. The Bible also tells us about an image that speaks. Erdogan recently gave a speech to his supporters as a nine foot tall hologram. No kidding.

The Antichrist will rule over the next World Empire and attack Jerusalem. Erdogan has vowed to do both of these things. His supporters say that Turkey is the only legitimate head of the next Islamic Caliphate.

Another thing that the Antichrist will do is to invade Syria and destroy its capital city of Damascus. He will then lead his troops into Israel. Erdogan has already vowed to overthrow Syrian President Assad in Damascus. Also every nation that Ezekiel 38:5 says will invade Israel is now fighting in Syria! I don’t know if these invasions will happen before the Rapture or before the Tribulation but if we do see Turkey invade Syria then we ought to be absolutely certain that Erdogan is the Antichrist. And if he is indeed the Antichrist then we can be certain that the Rapture and the Tribulation are about to happen!

During the Tribulation God will raise up a rotten ruler in Israel. The Prophet Zechariah calls him the idol shepherd. We have all probably been comforted by the reelection of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but I am afraid that Netanyahu will not hold onto his authority for very long. World powers like the United States, United Nations, France, and others have all shifted into high gear to create a Palestinian State inside of Israel without Prime Minister Netanyahu’s consent. There now exists a worldwide movement to get rid of Benjamin Netanyahu. A rotten Israeli ruler is another sign of the end times.

There is yet another sign during the end times. It is a sign to the nation of Israel that Jesus Christ is truly their God. It is also a warning to Israel that their time of Tribulation is about to begin. This sign is the flooding of Mosul in northern Iraq and the plundering of the city by its enemies. The Prophet Nahum tells us all about it, and the news says that the Mosul dam is feeble. So keep your eyes on Mosul!

The Tribulation is a terrible time of trouble on earth. You don’t want to suffer through it. All signs point towards its soon beginning. Call on the Lord Jesus Christ while you still can and be saved from your sins and escape the seven year long Tribulation period on earth.

Welcome to the end times - book

My book Welcome to the End Times is available as Kindle eBook and paperback on amazon! This book lists the biblical end times events that we can already see happening today!

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11 thoughts on “My book Welcome to the End Times is here!

  1. Craig, I have always thought that the Caliph of the Middle Eastern Union would also be the Mahdi that the muslims are looking for. Are they one and the same person?


    1. Hi Nancy. Yes I think that they are the same. Islam is looking for a ruler that will establish an Islamic empire. A Caliph is a chief political and religious ruler.


      1. Thank you, Craig. Then wouldn’t that make Erdogan the Mahdi the muslims have been searching for? They obviously don’t realize who Erdogan is then, at least yet. I am curious as to why they’ve been so blind. The Shia sect of Islam believes the Mahdi is alive now but that he will be the one to defeat the antichrist, and the Sunnis don’t believe the Mahdi has been born yet, so it doesn’t seem like the Caliph and the Mahdi would be the same person, assuming the Caliph is the antichrist.


      2. The Muslim world will follow the person who demonstrates the ability to make the promised Islamic empire a reality. Many Muslims are already following Erdogan as their promised supreme ruler.


      3. The muslims who already follow Erdogan as their supreme ruler are pretty much restricted to living in Turkey right now as I don’t believe Erdogan has much of a world following, especially with the Shia muslims, at the moment. Things could really change, however, if Erdogan really starts to make a difference in finishing off Assad. However, according to Scripture, once he attacks Israel in Ezekiel 38, he loses that battle, so he loses face with all the muslims when that happens.


      4. Erdogan has followers in many Middle Eastern countries. All of Islam is watching him. They believe that he can establish the Islamic Empire. After he conquers Syria the Muslim world will vow allegiance even more.


  2. I see. So Erdogan will gain the following of the muslim world first as the Caliphate of the Islamic Empire when he bolsters himself in their eyes by conquering Syria. Since Russia has been in Syria, it seems to me that this has slowed Erdogan down some in having his army get farther down into Syria, much less think of conquering Damascus. Since Russia has been in Syria, they have helped Assad’s Syrian government troops retake 400 settlements and have helped Damascus regain control over more than 10,000 sq. km (3,860 sq. miles) of territory. This is according to this article on dated 4/27/16:

    Erdogan will become emboldened once he is able to demolish Damascus and conquer Syria enough so that he then goes after Israel in Ezekiel 38, even though he just made a truce with Israel so he’d be allowed to bring supplies, etc. to the Palestinians at the port near Gaza. My guess is something will happen to stop this from continuing and set Erdogan off at odds again with Israel. Very interesting times indeed!


    1. Turkey has just convinced Russia that it is in their best interest for Turkey to invade northwestern Syria in order to fight the Kurds. This is in the exact area that Jeremiah 49:23 says. Syrian President Assad doesn’t want the Kurds establishing a Kurdish State inside of Syria so Russia may allow Turkey to enter Syria. In Jeremiah 49 after Turkey invades northwestern Syria the residents of Damascus flee and then Damascus is destroyed.


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