Will the US Embassy in Jerusalem be a place for refuge?

Will the US Embassy in Jerusalem be a place for refuge?

By Craig C. White

King Abdullah of Jordan is warning that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem would upset some Islamic countries. I think that the Bible tells us that a few Jews will stay on Mount Zion or in the city of David during Jerusalem’s great tribulation. Here is a great map of the city of David now and long ago. The city of David is old Jerusalem. It is built on the hill just to the south of the Temple Mount. I think that the city of David is built on Mount Zion and may include the Temple Mount.

I wonder if the US Embassy is placed in the city of David near the Temple Mount if it could become a place of refuge for a few Jews during the Tribulation.

During the Tribulation the residents of Judea are instructed to flee to the mountains to the east of Jerusalem. They will take refuge in Jordan. BUT anybody who is in Jerusalem when the Antichrist and his Armies enter the city is instructed to remain at Mount Zion. Anybody trying to flee Jerusalem will be caught or killed (Isa 30:16).

Judea Flee! Jerusalem Wait!

Read this article on Haaretz Jordan’s King Warns Trump Against Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, State Media Reports

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If you live in Israel then read my book Judea Flee! Jerusalem Wait!

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