2017 The Year of Fulfillment

2017 The Year of Fulfillment

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By Craig C. White

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The year 2017 is certain to bring several significant Bible prophecies to fruition. This is a serious course of events. A terrible time of trouble for Israel is about to begin. God’s judgement is also about to come upon the entire world. The Resurrection and Rapture of Church age believers must be near. It looks like end time Bible prophecy will begin in earnest this year! The last days before the seven year Tribulation period are here. There are only a few key events left to happen before this terrible time of trouble begins.

What is the order of these few remaining end time events? Ancient Bible history gives us a model for future events. The Assyrian kings conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel. The Antichrist will do these same two things in that same order. It looks like that the Antichrist will come from Turkey! Jeremiah 49:23-27 describes Turkey as they invade Syria and destroy Damascus. Ezekiel chapter 38 describes a failed Turkish led invasion into Israel. A failed invasion into Israel would necessitate a peace treaty. Daniel 9:27 tells us about a seven year term treaty that the Antichrist will make regarding Israel. This treaty marks the beginning of the seven year Tribulation period! Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist. He will destroy Damascus soon and then lead the forces that are now fighting in Syria into the Golan Heights of northern Israel. Afterward he will make an agreement with Israel that will begin the Tribulation.

There is another end time event that appears to be forming now. That is the flooding and destruction of Mosul in northern Iraq. The Prophet Nahum predicted the flooding of ancient Nineveh. Today Nineveh is Mosul in northern Iraq. Nahum may also have predicted the flooding of ISIS in Mosul. The flooding of Mosul may be the one end time sign given to Israel that Jesus Christ is truly their Messiah. It may be the one and only sign that Israel’s time of trouble is near.

All of these events are ripe to happen. Don’t be caught unaware. Tell others! Be prepared to meet Jesus Christ. It is High Time to Awake.

2017 The Year of Fulfillment

2017 is poised to bring Bible prophecy to pass. We are all very close to the Resurrection, Rapture, and the Tribulation. Read my book 2017 The Year of Fulfillment before you meet Jesus.

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2 thoughts on “2017 The Year of Fulfillment

  1. Craig,

    Wow, I think when people read your work that you have compiled in this book during 2016, they will be able to connect the dots to all of the past year’s events and see we are close. I left a review on Amazon.

    New Year blessings,



    1. David Thank you so much for the review. They are very hard to come by. We are entering 2017 with our eyes open. God bless you and Happy New Year, Craig C. White


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