Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria

Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria

Iran and Syria are preparing to attack Israel from Syria’s southern border.

April 16, 2018: Two hours after I wrote this article Israel conducted airstrikes in Syria and an explosion was heard on the Israeli Golan Heights. It’s High Time to understand end time Bible prophecy. It’s High Time to Awake.

By Craig C. White

Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria. This is big news. Russia and Iran have been allies of Syrian President Assad. Russia only wants a stable Syria so that they can ship oil from Syria’s warm water ports. Iran however has different goals. Iran is setting up military bases throughout Syria and especially bases that will serve to attack Israel. Iran wants more turmoil while Russia wants less.

After the recent Israeli airstrike on an Iranian airbase in Syria, Iran vowed to retaliate. Israel has made it clear that they will not accept Iranian military build-up inside of Syria. The U.S. airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons facilities have steeled Syria’s and Iran’s resolve to attack Israel.

Last week Syria violated a decades old peace agreement by placing Syrian tanks in the demilitarized zone of the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights are a buffer zone that divide Syria from Israel.

There is a power struggle happening in Iran. Iranian president Rouhani rules the country but on the field Major General Qasem Soleimani leads the Iranian Revolutionary Guard or Quds Force. Soleimani controls territory from Iraq to Syria. The economy in Iran is terrible and the citizens of Iran are in revolt. General Soleimani has a strong hand. Soleimani is inclined to start a war with Israel despite what Russia or even Iranian President Rouhani dictate.

If you watch the news closely then you have noticed that the message of the day is that Iran and Syria are about to start a major conflict with Israel.

My fellow Christians, this is to be expected. This is Bible prophecy unfolding. I’m certain that the Syrian and Iranian skirmish will be dramatic but it won’t be the main event. Syria and Iran fighting on the Golan Heights will be a catalyst for Turkey to finally destroy Damascus and then to lead Iran, Libya, and Sudan into Israel. This is described in Ezekiel chapter 38.

The events that we can expect to happen before Turkey invades Israel also happened long ago. They are described in 2Kings chapter 16 and 17. In 734 BC Israel asked Assyria for help fighting against Syria. Assyria conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel.

Today Israel is once again having trouble on its northern border. Iran and Syria are amassing on the Golan Heights. This time Turkey will destroy Damascus and then lead Iran, the Free Syrian Army, and Al-Qaeda into northern Israel.

In the Bible the Antichrist is compared to the ancient Assyrian kings. The reenactment of the Assyrian conquest of Syria and the following invasion of northern Israel identifies the Antichrist. It’s High Time to understand end time Bible prophecy. It’s High Time to Awake.

Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria

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3 thoughts on “Russia and Iran are about to part ways in Syria

  1. Craig,
    So i missed pretty badly on the US staying back the other day. However, sadly it looks like they may have made it easier for Turkey to advance. Please pray for Pastor Andrew Brunson, he is being held by Turkey on charges of aiding terrorists, and may be facing 25 yrs. in a Turkish prison. Our church in Fresno California is in contact with his defense, and his wife. My son and his youth group have been praying and fasting for his release. They were able to Face Time with him and some of our church leaders over the summer last year. This is a good Christian pastor, who is trapped in the heart of the beast. May God work a miracle and release him back to his wife and family.



  2. Pastor Brunson may not realize this, but his captivity is helping some of the Christians, and church leaders to see Turkey, and its antichrist leadership for what it truly is. “For the righteous, the day of the Lord will be Glory, but for the wicked a horrible day.” Stuart Briscoe



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