Turkey’s snap election – video

Turkey’s snap election

Turkish President Erdogan is about to become the official dictator of Turkey

By Craig C. White

Turkish President Erdogan has called for early elections citing the Syrian war as his motivation. After Turkey’s snap election Turkey’s parliamentary system will be swiftly transformed into a presidential system. The Parliament will continue but with limited power. The position of Prime Minister will be abolished. Erdogan will be able to appoint several new parliament members and he will be able to fire others. The president will be anointed head of the executive branch with the power to issue decrees with the force of law, prepare the budget, dissolve parliament on the condition that new elections be held for the presidency and parliament simultaneously, and appoint high-level officials, including ministers and some top judges.

After Erdogan wins the June 24th election he will undoubtedly order the Turkish Army further into Syria. The Bible tells us that the conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist

Turkey's snap election

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4 thoughts on “Turkey’s snap election – video

  1. Craig,

    Yes, you were right again. Erdogan has just said “The snap election will be an Ottoman slap, and there will be more military operations to follow Operation Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield.”
    Please pray for Pastor Andrew, his trial is resuming on May 7th, at about 11:00 U.S. Pacific Standard time. Specifically, I am praying that his accusers will be confused and the charges against him will be dropped.



    1. Nice hearing from you David. We are well on our way to the destruction of Damascus and Turkish led invasion into Israel. Erdogan is the Antichrist and the Tribulation and Resurrection and Rapture are near. Christians are out to lunch. I wish this portion of human history could be brighter.


  2. My pastor was preaching from 1 Peter this morning, and during his sermon, something came to mind. No, not the baseball game. Peter was writing to the churches that were located in what is now Turkey, when he was addressing persecution and the suffering church. Paul addressed the same churches and people living in the same region when he spoke of the latter days. Jesus instructed John in Revelation to write unto the angels of the same churches, while revealing where Satan’s throne is located. Daniel, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah identified the location of Gog and Magog. All of the prophets have spoken of the same region in regards to the end times. There is overwhelming internal evidence in the scriptures that point to Turkey as the nation of the antichrist. You have done an amazing job in your commentaries setting forth all of this evidence.
    Before the birth of Christ, the prophets all focussed on the land of Israel as the recipient of our Messiah. The religious leaders totally missed it, so God used those who had their ears tuned to heaven.
    He sent some powerful signs, and used some amazing people to usher the coming of His son, Jesus. It will be no different leading up to the final days of Christ’s soon return. God has his people in place who are hearing what the Spirit is saying. All we have to do now is stay awake, pray and watch for the very powerful signs that are coming and will be very hard to deny.

    Keep on waking folks up,



    1. Thanks David. You are right. The Bible does say a lot about Turkey in regards to end time events and the Antichrist.


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