Syria/Russia promise to attack Idlib in September 2018

Syria/Russia promise to attack Idlib in September 2018

Syria/Russia promise to attack Idlib in September 2018

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By Craig C. White

After the Syrian Army finishes clearing the Al-Qaeda rebels from the Daraa neighborhood south of Damascus they say that they will begin clearing Idlib in northwestern Syria. Turkey warned Syria not to attack Idlib. Turkey says that Idlib is a red line.

The Syrian Army controls the Hamah province located to the west and south of Idlib. Over the past few months the Syrian Army in Hamah has intensified their attacks on the Al-Qaeda rebels in Idlib. Russia is promising to provide air strikes in Idlib beginning in September. This will certainly result in a Turkish led attack on Hamah.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that after Hamah and Arpad (or modern day Tell Rifaat) hears evil reports then the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed.

Jeremiah 49:23 Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.

Jeremiah says that Hamah and Tell Rifaat will hear evil reports and will be terrified. Those evil reports are that the Turkish Army is about to attack. Jeremiah goes on to say that when Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear these reports that the residents of Damascus will flee. We shouldn’t have to wait for very long before we hear about Turkey’s intentions to attack Hamah.

I’ve been telling people about this for seven years from the Scriptures. Now it is about to happen. Consider yourself fortunate if you are reading this because the Christian Church is oblivious to the real Bible prophecy that is unfolding in front of their eyes. After Turkey attacks Hamah they will then destroy Damascus. After Turkey destroys Damascus they will then lead the forces that are now fighting in Syria into the Golan Heights of northern Israel. Jesus will return to turn them back and also to collect his Church. So now is the only time that you will ever have to be alert and watching. Jesus told the Church to watch or there will be consequences. It is High Time to Awake!

Syria/Russia promise to attack Idlib in September 2018

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