US Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed on Time Served in Turkey

US Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed on Time Served in Turkey

By Craig C. White

Pastor Andrew Brunson is a US citizen that has been serving as a Christian pastor in Izmir Turkey for the past twenty years. After the 2016 failed Turkish coup, Turkish President Erdogan rounded up suspected enemies of the State. Brunson was charged with espionage and with aiding terrorists. Turkey charged Brunson with making the claim that Turkish President Erdogan was the biblical Antichrist. Pastor Brunson has been detained in a Turkish prison for the past two years and more recently under house arrest.

On Friday October 12, 2018 Andrew Brunson stood trial and was found guilty of terrorism but was released citing time served. Pastor Brunson immediately headed for a Turkish airport for a flight to Germany and then on to the US. President Donald Trump was instrumental in Pastor Brunson’s release, imposing economic and military sanctions on Turkey.

I wish Pastor Andrew Brunson God’s speed on his return trip to the US.

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Turkey is the key to understanding end time Bible prophecy. Read my book Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon. It tells the real story about the Ezekiel chapter 38 battle of Gog and Magog.

Andrew Brunson Freed

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3 thoughts on “US Pastor Andrew Brunson Freed on Time Served in Turkey

  1. Craig,

    Pastor Andrew was in the heart of the beast. I am praying that God will use him to help the church see the truth about Turkey and Erdogan. We are also waiting to here accurate information about the fate of his church.



    1. Hi David. I was hoping that Pastor Andrew Brunson would have some insight into Turkey in Bible prophecy. I haven’t heard anything yet.


  2. I noticed at his Oval Office visit, Trump thanked Erdogan, but Pastor Andrew and his team did not offer any credit to him.


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