The Antichrist is not from Assyria!

The Antichrist is not from Assyria!

The Antichrist is from Turkey

By Craig C. White​

The Bible compares the Antichrist to the ancient Assyrian Kings. A lot of people assume that the Antichrist must come from Assyria or northern Iraq. That is a wrong assumption. The Antichrist will not come from northern Iraq. The Antichrist is compared to the Assyrian kings because the Antichrist will do the same things that the Assyrian kings did!

What did the Assyrian kings do? The Assyrians conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel. Latter they returned to invade southern Israel.

Today Turkey is poised to launch a major ground invasion into Syria. Turkey will invade Syria, destroy Damascus, and then lead the forces that are now fighting in Syria into Israel.

The Antichrist isn’t from Assyria. The Antichrist is from Turkey. Turkish President Erdogan will do the same things that the Assyrian kings did. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist!

the antichrist is not from assyria

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Read about the coming Turkish led invasion into Israel in my book Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon

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4 thoughts on “The Antichrist is not from Assyria!

  1. Craig,

    We can trace the lineage of Jesus through the Jewish and Hebrew people. So, it stands to reason that the antichrist would be Muslim, because they are the antithesis of Christianity. One thing I am tired of hearing is that Abraham is the father of the great world religions. Others may lay claim to a common ancestor in Abraham, but he was the father of only one faith in Yaweh, which gave birth to Christianity. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that Abraham was the father of any other religion. Through Abraham all the peoples of the earth were blessed, but their false religions were not sanctioned by God. They were blessed so that they might remain to hear the Gospel of Christ, and only Jesus can save.
    I have learned from you that the antichrist is not Assyrian, but I am more convinced everyday that he is Muslim. Isn’t that amazing that Erdogan is Muslim.



    1. Right you are David. Abraham was born in the cradle of false religion. God brought him out from it!

      Neh 9:7 Thou art the LORD the God, who didst choose Abram, and broughtest him forth out of Ur of the Chaldees, and gavest him the name of Abraham;


  2. I think the big question is who would Israel consider its Messiah—a Muslim? Israel would have to totally reject their Torah and beliefs in Yehovah God and accept Allah as their God. Also, who would it be that endeavors to bring the world to a One World Religion? Who is the one who will lead a One World Economy and Currency? The anti Christ has to fit all of these scenarios.


    1. The Jews will not receive the Antichrist as their Messiah. The Antichrist will rule over the next world empire. There have been seven World Empires throughout human history. None of them covered the entire world. They covered the old world from Europe to India. The next world empire will also cover the same area. It won’t be world wide. The Bible doesn’t say that the world will have a one world currency. The Bible doesn’t say that there will be a one world economy. These are all misconceptions that have become popularized. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist. It is High Time to Awake to the end time prophecy that is happening right under our noses.

      Matthew 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

      This verse shows that the elect will not be deceived. The elect refers to Israel.


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