Erdogan is proving that Turkey can also ruin the US economy

Erdogan is proving that Turkey can also ruin the US economy

By Craig C. White

Holy Toledo what a story! Turkey is using the murder of Saudi journalist to weaken the US economy.

On October 2, 2018 Saudi journalist Jamal Kashoggi was murdered inside of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. Kashoggi was a pro-Muslim Brotherhood journalist who was critical of the Saudi Government. Turkish President Erdogan is the hegemonic figure of the Muslim Brotherhood. The very instant that Kashoggi was murdered the Turkish press began a continual media blitz. With each report more gory details are uncovered. Turkey is using the Kashoggi murder to sway international opinion against Saudi Arabia and by association against the US. Now Turkish President Erdogan is demanding that US President Donald Trump cut economic ties with Saudi Arabia.

The Kashoggi incident happens to coincide with the release of US Pastor Andrew Brunson. President Trump employed economic sanctions against Turkey in order to gain cooperation for Brunson’s release, nearly ruining Turkey’s economy. Erdogan is now proving that Turkey can also ruin the US economy.

The Turkish media is controlled by President Erdogan. It seems that even before Kashoggi’s death that the Turkish press had prepared their media blitz. This is causing many to wonder if Turkey had known what was lying in store for Kashoggi even before he entered the consulate.

Erdogan is proving that Turkey can also ruin the US economy

You must read this article on Forbes: The Secret History Of The Saudi Consulate Affair: Turkey’s Counter-Attack

Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist and I can prove it.

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2 thoughts on “Erdogan is proving that Turkey can also ruin the US economy

  1. Just last week a local radio talk station in Fresno was inviting callers to join a discussion about Kashoggi’s death. Several people had pointed out the rift between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudis. One caller pointed out the links Erdogan has to the Muslim Brotherhood as a possible factor in this unfolding saga. The caller was mocked and the radio host dismissed the caller’s input as nonsense. This is why I am praying that our president gained a clearer understanding of who Erdogan really is. The AC is crafty, cunning, and will deceive the west in order to advance his purposes. When satan takes over his physical being, we will see the full deception. Well, not we but whoever is not taken to be with Lord in the rapture.



    1. Everybody should know that Erdogan is Muslim Brotherhood. He is also the leading proponent of creating a new Islamic Caliphate with himself as Sultan. If somebody doesn’t understand that then they are living under a rock.


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