Emmanuel Macron is a globalist but he isn’t the Antichrist

Emmanuel Macron is a globalist

But he isn’t the Antichrist

By Craig C. White

Christians today suspect that French President Emmanuel Macron is the Antichrist. They watch too many movies. Macron may be a globalist but he isn’t the biblical Antichrist. Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist. He will conquer Syria, destroy Damascus, and invade northern Israel. These are the things that the Bible predicts that the Antichrist will do. French President Macron may applaud while Erdogan wreaks havoc on the Middle East and Israel but Macron is not the Antichrist.

This week at a WWI 100 year anniversary ceremony in Paris, Macron rebuked U.S. President Donald Trump for his stand on nationalism. This is a farce. Macron has abandoned the sanctity of country for the dream of a world empire. Macron is only upset that the U.S. isn’t willing to go along with his megalomaniacal plans. Macron is in league with German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as Turkish President Erdogan and to a lesser extent Russian President Vladimir Putin. These maniacs intend to create the next world empire by uniting the European Union with a new Islamic Union represented by Turkey, and a renewed Russian Union. True oppression has always accompanied every past world empire. World War I was fought to save the world from Germany and from the Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire. At least France was on the right side one hundred years ago. Daniel chapter 7 describes these three Unions as they combine to form the next world empire. Read my commentary titled The Leopard is Upon Us!

Turkey is about to attack Hamah in northwestern Syria. The Prophet Jeremiah tells us all about it. After the Turkish Army terrorizes Hamah they will march southward to destroy Damascus. Turkey will install a Muslim Brotherhood ruler over Syria, making Syria a proxy state of Turkey. Watch as French President Macron cheers Turkey while continuing to insult the U.S. for its stand on national sovereignty.

Emmanuel Macron is a globalist but he isn't the Antichrist

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4 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron is a globalist but he isn’t the Antichrist

  1. hamah is defended by a rag tag desperate demoralized fighting force, what on earth is the mighty anti Christ waiting for?


    1. Turkey isn’t waiting much longer. Turkey has declared a military zone on the Turkey and Idlib border. Turkey is preparing a major offensive against northwestern Syria.


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