The GREAT “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference videos

The GREAT “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference videos

Heaven came down and glory filled my soul

By Craig C. White

Blessings everybody. Last weekend I had the great pleasure to speak at the “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference in Marion, Iowa. Pastor Bill Randles was kind enough to invite me. Now let me tell you about the Christians in Iowa. They are the salt of the earth. I have never before encountered such a great gathering of Bible literate, and spirit filled Christians. The tender grace of the God of Israel and of his son Jesus Christ was evident throughout the three day event. I was supercharged by the love and edification from everybody. I think that I can speak for everybody who attended, that we were all walking about three feet off of the ground all weekend. As a matter of fact I haven’t touched the ground since.

Believers in Grace Fellowship Bible prophecy conference

“Believers in Grace Fellowship” is most blessed to have Pastor Bill Randles and his wife Kristin. Bill Randles is a wonderful Bible and prophecy teacher who truly cares about the welfare of the Christian Church at large. Bill Randles is also a prolific author writing several Christian books including “A Sword on the Land – The Muslim World in Bible Prophecy”.

Pastor Bill Randles has an international speaking ministry as well as a significant online presence. I will provide links at the end of this article. Pastor Bill Randles is a world traveled Christian who is doing his day to day work in the Iowa heartland.

Bill’s wife Kristin impressed me more than any other women that I have met. “Kris’ is continually in a state of praise and prayer. Every word and utterance is fitly spoken to the edification of all.

Well Pastor Bill Randles managed to gather the most wonderful collection of speakers for the conference. The keynote speaker was Philip Haney author of the bestselling book “See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad”. You may have seen Mr. Haney on the Sean Hannity show recently. Philip Haney was a founding member of Homeland Security under U.S. President George W. Bush. However, Mr. Haney is so much more. Philip Haney is a delightful mix of government operative, canonized saint, lyricist, Warner Brothers cartoon character, and friend. Philip Haney led the way to bless every soul who attended the conference. He certainly blessed me.

I found another new friend in Jim Fletcher. Jim Fletcher is an informed and articulate writer and speaker specializing in Bible prophecy, Christian apologetics, and advocacy for Israel. Jim Fletcher is the author of several wonderful Israel and Bible prophecy books including “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine): How to stop worrying and learn to love these End Times”.

Jim Fletcher is a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, Breaking Israel News, as well as WorldNetDaily. On top of that Jim is a member of the executive committee for the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI), as well as director of Prophecy Matters and more. Needless to say Jim Fletcher is a busy guy. I was very fortunate to spend three days with Jim. On a personal note; Jim Fletcher is someone who loves the God of Israel with all of his heart and deeply cares about the health and strength of the Christian Church. Jim was so kind and supportive of my efforts to convey the prophetic events that are now unfolding around us.

Craig C. White (that’s me) was the third speaker at the conference. Craig C. White is a Bible prophecy author and speaker. Craig C. White is the founder of “High Time to Awake” Bible prophecy ministry and the website. My bold reporting of Bible prophecy events can be alarming. But that’s why my ministry is called “High Time to Awake”.

I told everybody about the unfolding Turkish conquest of Syria that was developing even as I was speaking. The Bible tells us that just like the ancient Assyrian kings conquered Syria and then invaded northern Israel; an end time ruler of Turkey will do the same. The Bible tells us that the conqueror of Syria is the Antichrist. That’s right. I told them that Turkish President Erdogan is the Antichrist. I also told everybody about the events that will lead us to the soon return of Jesus Christ; namely the Turkish attack on Hamah and Tell Rifaat in northern Syria, the destruction of Damascus, and the Turkish led invasion into the Golan Heights of northern Israel. Jesus Christ will return to turn back the Turkish led invaders and to also collect his Church in the Resurrection and Rapture.

That’s a lot to take in over the course of one weekend. I am certain that I afflicted the comfortable as well as comforted the afflicted. But like I said earlier; the members of “Believers in Grace Fellowship” received my message with all grace, biblical knowledge, and wisdom. I was personally uplifted by their deep understanding and eagerness to consider the validity of my report. Many who attended were thrilled to discovery the biblically substantiated reasons why we can expect the near time return of Jesus Christ. You could hope for nothing better from a Bible conference.

The GREAT “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference

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6 thoughts on “The GREAT “Believers in Grace Fellowship” Bible prophecy conference videos

  1. That’s awesome, I hope there were a lot of people to hear your message about Erdogan, sometimes they need to hear it from someone well spoken. Sadly, still not many know who the antichrist is.


  2. Craig,

    Amazing job of condensing hours and hours of commentary into 38 minutes. Can you, or did you post this on Youtube? I hope this leads many more people to High Time to Awake. I’m passing the word on, that this is available for viewing on your site. It just dawned on me that the path through Syria and on to the Golan Heights is shaped like a hook. Just saying.

    Great job brother,



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