Has Erdogan flown the coup?

Has Erdogan flown the coup?

By Craig C. White

It seems that Turkish President Erdogan has been keeping a low profile since July 15th which was the three year anniversary of the 2016 Turkish coup attempt. Some wishful journalists have spread rumors that Erdogan is dead. But he isn’t. Turkish President Erdogan is scheduled to host a meeting with his AKP Party provincial heads this Friday so we will all see him alive and well then. This meeting is promised to be critical; changing party leadership and forging a new paradigm for the ruling party.

So where has Turkish President Erdogan been? Could it be that he has been dodging political fallout from his party’s dramatic loss in the June rerun of the Istanbul mayor election? Could Erdogan be sidestepping another coup attempt? Some analysts have speculated that Erdogan wanted to purchase the Russian S-400 air defense system to protect himself from his own air force. Top figures in his AKP party have been criticizing Erdogan this week. Some of Erdogan’s oldest associates have left the AKP party. Alternative political parties are popping up in Turkey. This is just my guess but Erdogan’s low profile of late may indicate that he is guarding his political perch.

Just so that you know: Turkish President Erdogan is alive and well and back in the public eye.

Has Erdogan flown the coup?

Read this article on Aval News: Where is Erdoğan? Turks wonder

Wherever Erdogan is he is still the Antichrist

The Antichrist will rule the next world empire. Turkish President Erdogan promises to reestablish the Ottoman Empire. Read my book Presenting the Antichrist and False Prophet

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