How Kurds could ignite Bible prophecy

How Kurds could ignite Bible prophecy

Aljazeera has hired a prophet

By Craig C. White

Here is a political analysis on the proposed safe zone between Turkey and the Kurds in northeastern Syria. This is interesting because the writer explains how the situation in northeastern Syria could cause the situation in northwestern Syria to explode!

In the Bible the Prophet Jeremiah says that the towns of Hamah and Arpad will hear evil reports and be terrified. Afterwards the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed. The Turkish Army is already arrayed against Hamah and Arpad (Tell Rifaat) in northwestern Syria. Turkish supported rebel groups are already fighting against the Syrian Army in Hamah.

Russia is supporting the Syrian Army. The Kurds in northeastern Syria are reaching out to Russia and to the Syrian government for help to defend against a Turkish invasion. Russia could escalate the war in northwestern Syria to discourage Turkey from invading the Kurds. This could provoke the Turkish Army into direct conflict with the Syrian Army in Hamah.

Here is a quote from the article.

“Russia also has the option of threatening to heavily bomb Idlib to pressure Turkey not to move forward with the deal, which could potentially force more than 3 million additional Syrian refugees to the Turkish border. Ankara can also retaliate by increasing the support of the armed groups and inflict more losses on the Syrian regime and Russian assets.”

How Kurds could ignite Bible prophecy

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