Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights is #14 in Eschatology on Amazon!

Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights is #14 in Eschatology on Amazon!

I want to thank everybody who purchased my newest book Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights on Amazon. That really helps to keep my website online. Not only that, but it helps you to understand that Jesus is coming very soon.

The Turkish Army is amassed all along the northern Syria border. Their intentions to invade Syria have become an international crisis.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that when the two northwestern Syria cities of Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear of a coming invasion that the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed. The Turkish Army now surrounds the Kurdish held town of Tell Rifaat. Turkish President Erdogan promised that if the Turkish Army accomplishes anything in Syria it will be to capture Tell Rifaat. The Syrian Army is in Hamah and are fighting against Turkish supported Al-Qaeda rebels in the neighboring Idlib province. The Turkish Army has reinforced its positions inside of Idlib. This week Turkey sent another rebel group into northern Hamah from the Turkish border. This week Turkey also sent the largest military buildup yet in the Syrian war to the northeastern Syria border. This threatens a direct conflict between Turkish forces and US and Kurdish troops. The Turkish Army is prepared for an all out assault on northern Syria. The Bible tells us that Turkey will attack northwestern Syria and then destroy Damascus.

But that’s not all. Damascus is located only thirty mile from Israel’s northern border. Ezekiel chapter 38 describes a Turkish led invasion into Israel. Every nation that is listed in Ezekiel chapter 38 is already fighting in Syria. So I expect that Turkey will invade the Golan Heights of northern Israel after they destroy Damascus.

But wait, there’s more! Nahum chapter 1 describes Jesus Christ coming in a fiery whirlwind to fight on the Golan Heights! So watch as the Turkish Army fights its way from northwestern Syria southward to Damascus and then further southwards to the Golan Heights of northern Israel. When the Turkish Army enters northern Israel Jesus will return to turn them back and also to gather his saints!

Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights is #14 in Eschatology on Amazon! But considering the fact that it explains when Jesus will return it should be #1.

Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights is #14 in Eschatology on Amazon!

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3 thoughts on “Jesus will fight on the Golan Heights is #14 in Eschatology on Amazon!

  1. Craig,

    Congradulations, I still believe your voice will be heard by those that God wants to hear your message.



  2. Wow! I am not surprised! I agree with David.

    You have definitely helped me throughout the past 11 or so years. I appreciate all of your hard work.

    I also have noticed that some Christians are finally realizing it’s time to wake up!

    Things are really picking up speed. I hope Jesus comes very very soon now! Some things are getting hard to watch in our country!


    1. It’s nice to hear from you Jennifer. The nearer that the Turkish Army gets to Israel the nearer that Jesus will get to Israel.


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