Turkish backed rebels join forces with Al-Qaeda in northwestern Syria

Turkish backed rebels join forces with Al-Qaeda in northwestern Syria

By Craig C. White

May 26, 2019 IDLIB Syria: For many years now I have been warning people that Turkey will lead the rebel groups that are fighting in Syria against Damascus. I don’t know why this is so hard to believe because Turkey has always been the primary supporter of the myriad Al-Qaeda groups that are trying to topple the Assad government. This week several news stories have surfaced that proclaim Turkey’s direct military support and supplying of these anti-Assad forces.

The Bible is my source of insight regarding events in Syria. I think that the Prophet Jeremiah describes the Turkish led destruction of Damascus. According to Jeremiah northwestern Syria will first hear evil reports and then Damascus will be destroyed. These things are happening now.

In northwestern Syria all Al-Qaeda rebel groups are now following orders from Turkey. All Syrian opposition groups have been pushed into the Idlib province. Turkey has been charged with dismantling these forces but instead this week Turkish supported so-called moderate rebels have joined the radical Syrian Al-Qaeda faction Hay’et Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) to fight against the Syrian Army in Hamah. Ezekiel chapter 38 describes Turkey as it leads these Al-Qaeda groups along with Iran into Israel.

This week it was also reported that Turkey is supplying anti-tank rockets to the Syria opposition forces. Now this really shouldn’t surprise anyone that Turkey is on the rebel’s side. But supplying heavy weapons to Al-Qaeda forces in Idlib is across purposes considering that Russia and Turkey made a deal to task Turkey with ridding these rebel forces from Idlib province.

It’s obvious that Turkey won’t be eliminating the Al-Qaeda forces in Idlib as promised. Instead Turkey will strengthen the opposition forces and then use them to attack the Syrian Army in Hamah, and also to attack the Kurds in Tell Rifaat.

All of this is predicted in the Bible. Jeremiah says that when Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear evil reports then the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed.

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2 thoughts on “Turkish backed rebels join forces with Al-Qaeda in northwestern Syria

  1. Hi David.
    According to the Scriptures, is it possible that after Damascus destruccion, it takes some years for the Israel’s invasion? Or do you think it could be sooner?
    Thank you.


    1. Damascus is only thirty miles away from the Golan Heights of northern Israel. If Turkey and all of the other nations that are listed in Ezekiel 38:5 are in Damascus then I wouldn’t let my guard down.


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