Nov 17 2019

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Gantz may become Prime Minister of Israel

Gantz may become Prime Minister of Israel

Israel may receive its Idol Shepherd this week!

By Craig C. White

Benny Gantz may become Prime Minister of Israel this week by forming an Arab-backed minority government. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the coalition government was trying to “destroy the country”, and he is correct.

Since Netanyahu failed to form a coalition government after September’s elections, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz has been given the chance. He has until Wednesday to form a coalition.

Benny Gantz is a stanch opponent of Netanyahu and his Likud Party. Gantz’s new government would need to include the Arab parties, also known as the Arab Joint list. If successful that would mean that Netanyahu would be out and the Palestinians would have much more say over the future of Israel.

The Bible warns that during the end time a rotten ruler will be raised up over Israel.

Gantz may become Prime Minister of Israel

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