Erdogan calls on Iran to unite over Syria

Erdogan calls on Iran to unite over Syria

Iran is listening

By Craig C. White

Ezekiel 38:5 describes Turkey as they lead Iran into Israel. So we know that at some point Turkey and Iran will become allies. In Jeremiah 49:23 the northwestern Syria cities of Hamah and Tell Rifaat will hear evil reports.

Iran has been fighting to keep Syrian President Assad in power in Damascus. What if Iran changes sides in Syria? What if Iran decides to align itself with Turkey instead of with the Syrian Assad regime?

Well Turkish President Erdogan is making that sales pitch to Iran today. Erdogan says that Turkey and Iran must unite in order to eliminate the post war influence that the U.S. will have on Syria. He may be right and Iran is listening.

The Turkish Army along with several Al-Qaeda factions are gathered in the northwestern Syria province of Idlib. Idlib is the last remaining Al-Qaeda rebel stronghold in Syria. Iran has supported the Assad regime so far. Iran has fought against all of these Al-Qaeda factions throughout the nine year long Syrian war. But now that the Turkish Army is gathered together with Al-Qaeda, Iran is refusing to fight against them in Idlib. If the Syrian Army hears that Iran is now backing Turkey then that would certainly be an evil report that would upset the balance of power in Syria. According to Jeremiah 49:23-27 after Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear evil reports then the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed.

Erdogan calls on Iran to unite over Syria

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7 thoughts on “Erdogan calls on Iran to unite over Syria

  1. Craig,
    Wouldn’t that also mean that Russia will stand back, because they have been working with Iran. That would also strike fear in their hearts.



  2. Craig,
    So, today Erdogan announced that Idlib and Manbig are next. Isn’t Idlib in the southern province of Aleppo? Looks like our new Security Advisor is in favor of Erdogan’s ambitions and definition of terrorists.



    1. So the U.S. won’t resist Turkey. Russia wants Turkey to fight Al-Qaeda in Idlib but I’m pretty sure that Turkey will not fight Al-Qaeda. Both Turkey and Al-Qaeda are Sunni Muslim and have made an alliance with Turkey in command.


    2. Manbij is located east of Tell Rifaat near the west side of the Euphrates River. Manbij is the eastern limit of the Kurdish controlled region of northwestern Syria. U.S. supported Kurds control Manbij. It may be a little more complicated for Turkey to push the Kurdish forces out of Manbij.


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