High Time to Awake has reached the Turkish national media

High Time to Awake has reached the Turkish national media

Now if I could only reach Christians

By Craig C. White

Several news articles have been published in major Turkish and international news outlets critiquing my book “Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon“. These Turkish journalists and scholars are somewhat alarmed over my position that Turkish President Erdogan is the biblical Antichrist. I suppose that that is understandable. They are also upset that I have said that the Turkish Army has entered Syria and will continue to Damascus and then enter the Golan Heights of Israel.

I have been telling people about Turkey’s role in end time Bible prophecy from the scriptures for the past nine years on my website hightimetoawake.com. I don’t think that most Turks are receiving my book “Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon” as a message from God. But my book is in fact just that; a message from God and from his prophets. I am studying the Holy Bible and reporting what it says.

Turkish journalists have read my book “Turkey Invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon” and have understood that the Bible predicts that Turkey will conquer Syria first and then invade northern Israel. That is pretty smart. At least they do understand my message. That is a better response than I have received from most Christians over the past nine years. I am glad that at least somebody is finally listening.

If only Christians would wake up to understand the truth of end time events as the Bible describes them. Turkey will soon attack Hamah and Tell Rifaat as Jeremiah 49:23 says. Then Turkey will destroy Damascus (Jeremiah 49:23-27). Afterwards Turkey will lead the forces that are now fighting in Syria into the Golan Heights of Israel (Ezekiel 38). Expect Jesus Christ to return to turn them back (Nahum 1). At that time Jesus will also gather his Church. It is High Time to Awake!

High Time to Awake has reached the Turkish national media

Read my book Turkey invades Israel – Halfway to Armageddon

Here are a couple of news articles about High Time to Awake on Turkish media.

Professor Dr. Hıdır: Trump launched the ‘Doomsday War’ with the decision of Jerusalem

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6 thoughts on “High Time to Awake has reached the Turkish national media

  1. Craig,

    That is amazing, maybe they will jump on your site and we can talk with them. Probably wishful thinking, but as you said “they are listening.” One thing I have been thinking about: The scoffers are coming, satan has blinded their eyes to the truth and they will reject it as false prophecy. During the rise of Hitler and up to World War II,
    a well known Jewish Rabi, Pressman was defending the Zionist movement and giving information to Western Jews about the rising persecution under the Nazi movement. He received a lot of opposition from American Jews, and they were the greatest deniers of the Holocaust until it was too late. American Christians seem to have been drinking the same Kool Aid, when it comes to being in denial about true evidence of Biblical prophecy in these latter days.

    If you get invited to Turkey to speak, really pray about it.



    1. Hi David. I have already chatted with a few Turks. They are not Christian and do not appreciate my message. They typically defend their president.


    1. Good job. I sense a complete hardness from the people that I have communicated with. They are only concerned with furthering their own political or nationalistic agenda. It is not even beginning to occur to them that they should pause to consider the Biblical evidence. It is the furthest thing from their minds.


  2. At the very least, seeds are being sown concerning the agitated Turks. Although they may be fiercely Muslim, or even closet secularists, when prophecy continues to unfold, especially Christ visibly fighting and the rapture… they could likely experience a major paradigm shift! And your efforts, Craig, will be rewarded in Heaven. Very encouraging!


    1. Thank you Brian. I wish that all people would be aware of the Bible prophecy that is transpiring today. I especially wish that Jesus Christ’s Church and Israel were aware. Christians will spend eternity with Jesus. It would be nice if they understood his word at his coming. Their eternal reward is at stake. Israel is headed for a terrible time of trouble. I pray that they will be prepared to escape it.


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