Benny Gantz could be Israel’s idol shepherd

Benny Gantz could be Israel’s idol shepherd

Netanyahu at risk of losing position

Benny Gantz could be Israel's idol shepherd

By Craig C. White

After Israel’s third round of elections, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin has determined that the election was too close to determine a clear winner. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s rival Benny Gantz has been given the first chance to form a government. Gantz won this opportunity by gaining the recommendation from the Joint List of the four largest Arab-majority parties in Israel. If Gantz hopes to successfully form a new government, he will need to include these Islamic parties.

Benny Gantz said that he is willing to form a unity government with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That means that Netanyahu and Gantz would take turns being Prime Minister over Israel. But before you get too excited, some of Gantz’ party members have already said that this deal is off the table.

I find the possibility of a dual Prime Minister position interesting in light of the Prophet Zechariah. I think that Zechariah may indicate two Israeli leaders, one good and one rotten. The rotten leader will not care for his people while the good leader pleads for their well being.

Some reports have said that Benny Gantz is willing to allow Netanyahu to be sole leader. But the majority sentiment of Gantz’s Blue and White party seems to be against Netanyahu. Everything is up in the air. Netayahu and Gantz have set a Monday March 23rd deadline to form a coalition government. With all the political turmoil and mixed reports I would be surprised if they are successful. The other alternative is for Benny Gantz to form a new government including the Joint Arab List.

Zechariah says that there is an Israeli leader coming who will not look out for the welfare of his land or his people.

Benny Gantz could be Israel's idol shepherd

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