Russian airstrikes kill Turkish backed rebels in Idlib Syria

Russian airstrikes kill Turkish backed rebels in Idlib Syria

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By Craig C. White

On October 26, 2020 Russian airstrikes killed or wounded some one hundred Turkish supported Al-Qaeda rebels in a large training camp in Idlib province. This group of rebels works most closely with Turkey. Russia is helping Syria to launch a new offensive aimed at ridding Idlib province of its last remaining rebels opposed to the Syrian President Assad regime. Turkey has continually reinforced its own military positions in Idlib province prompting many to suspect that Turkey will ultimately attack the Syrian Army. This week Turkish President Erdogan condemned the Russian airstrikes and said that Turkey is justified to begin its own offensive. Erdogan said that the Turkish Army could attack at any time. Things are heating up in northwestern Syria between Russian backed Syrian forces and Turkish backed Al-Qaeda forces.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that the destruction of Damascus will begin in northwestern Syria. The Turkish army is amassed in the Idlib province threatening to launch an offensive of their own.

Russian airstrikes kill Turkish backed rebels in Idlib Syria

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