Identifying the Antichrist – Dr. Lisa Helton speaks with Craig C. White

Identifying the Antichrist

Dr. Lisa Helton speaks with Craig C. White

Identifying the Antichrist Dr. Lisa Helton speaks with Craig C. White

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  • The Hagia Sophia Cathedral in Istanbul Turkey is the “temple of God” in 2Thessalonians 2:4.
  • Turkish President Erdogan was officially revealed as the Antichrist by sitting in the Hagia Sophia exalting himself above God.
  • The head wound of the Ottoman Empire is being healed.
  • A revived Ottoman Empire is the end time World Empire that will oppress Israel.
  • Turkey is ready to attack northwestern Syria and destroy Damascus.
  • Erdogan is the little horn who will become ruler of the next world empire.
  • The mark of the beast is the Islamic head band and arm band that says “in the name of Allah”.
  • The Rapture will happen when Jesus returns to the Golan Heights to stop a Turkish led invasion into Israel.
  • The Ezekiel chapter 38 Turkish led invasion into Israel is a separate battle than the Ezekiel chapter 39 Turkish led invasion into Israel.

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5 thoughts on “Identifying the Antichrist – Dr. Lisa Helton speaks with Craig C. White

  1. Craig,
    Just a few observations:
    It is has been reported that Erdogan has cancer.
    If hagai Sophia was the fullfillment of 2 Thess. 2:4, how long should we wait for the full manisfestation of the antichrist?
    If satan has fallen, wouldn’t Erdogan be demonstrating signs and wonders with the false profit by now?
    You know that I have been following your teaching, but when I share with others, these are the questions I am asked. I know you said, ” I do not have to defend the fact that Erdogan is the antichrist”, but how do I respond to these questions? Just asking for your input.


    1. Erdogan is speaking blasphemy against the God of Israel. He has a mouth speaking great things.

      The False Prophet will appear after the revived Ottoman Empire is established. The second beast in Revelation 13 comes up after the first beast.

      Look at all of the prophecy that Erdogan has fulfilled.

      Turkish President Erdogan is absolutely the Antichrist. I have known it for ten years. Erdogan is the chief prince among the provinces of Turkey as described in Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39. Turkey will lead the Islamic nations into Israel. Erdogan was officially revealed as the Antichrist by sitting in the Hagia Sophia Cathedral exalting himself above Christ according to 2Thessalonians2:4. The eighth world empire comes out of the seventh (Revelation7:10). A revived Ottoman Empire is the end time empire that will oppress Israel. Erdogan is honoring the god of Ottoman conquest in his palace in Ankara (Daniel 11:38). Erdogan has built the tabernacles (mosques) of his palace between the seas on the Bosphorus in Istanbul Turkey (Daniel 11:45). Erdogan does not regard women’s rights (Daniel11:37). Erdogan is recognized by most of Islam as their promised Mahdi. The Turkish army is in northwestern Syria ready to attack Hamah and Tell Rifaat as described in Jeremiah 49:23-27. Erdogan is the Assyrian. He will conquer Syria and then invade northern Israel just like the ancient Assyrian kings did. Turkey will destroy Damascus and then invade northern Israel. Jesus will return to stop them and to gather his Church.


    2. During the dedication of the Hagia Sophia Cathedral into a mosque Turkey’s top Imam carried an Ottoman sword up the pulpit. His message was that the wounded Ottoman Empire was being healed and that Turkish President Erdogan is the new conqueror of Istanbul and Sultan of a revived Ottoman Empire. Wouldn’t that make him the False Prophet?


  2. Craig,

    Thanks for the input, I had a discussion with some of the guys from my Bible study last week, and I had been sharing with some of my Armenian friends evidence that Erdogan fits the criteria for being the antichrist. They do believe that Turkey and it’s president are the cause for their present and past problems, but they really pushed back on the idea that Erdogan is the antichrist. Their main reason was that they claim he has cancer and not long to live. Everything you are saying makes sense and I believe it is supported by Biblical prophetic evidence. as you have outlined. There is far more evidence to support your proclamations, than the teaching of America’s leading prophecy teachers during the past 40 to 50 years. If Erdogan is, then we should see an escalation of Jeremiah 49 very soon. Simultaneously we should also see the soon demise of free nations as well. I am ready for the return of Christ.



  3. Experts Warn Turkey’s Dreams of Reviving the Ottoman Empire Threaten Mideast StabilityJERUSALEM, Israel – For years, Middle East observers have warned about the expansionist policies of Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Those ambitions reach throughout the region all the way to Jerusalem.

    “I think Turkey is the major emerging threat to the Middle East,” Seth Frantzman, executive director of the Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis, told CBN News.

    Analysts like Frantzman say the world is witnessing a belligerent Turkey on the move.

    “It’s invaded and ethnically cleansed Afrin of Kurds, Yazidis, and Christians. It attacked last year in eastern Syria and attacked and ethnically cleansed Christians,” Frantzman explained.

    “It’s attacked Armenia now. It didn’t do it directly, but it basically goaded Azerbaijanis into war. And it’s also been involved in Libya and sent Syrian mercenaries,” he continued. “Also, Turkey’s been threatening Greece every few weeks for the last six months; also, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, UAE. I mean, it never stops.


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