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Egypt, every one against his brother


Egypt, every one against his brother

In the news

By Craig C. White

Egypt is becoming more and more divided. The Egyptian people wanted democracy. What they are getting is despotism and Islamist oppression. Protests are turning violent as Egyptian fights against Egyptian. Isaiah 19 tells the end time fortune of Egypt. It would seem that we are in those days.

Isa 19:2  And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.

Egypt divisions likely to deepen over draft constitution

By Jon Leyne BBC Middle East correspondent

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Apr 03

When is the Rapture of the Church?


When is the Rapture of the Church?

Jo Bernard recently sent me this good question about “When is the Rapture of the Church?”:

From Jo Bernard – Your post says the rapture will come “before” great tribulation, so you are pre-trib. Here’s a little something to consider.

We meet the Lord in the air on the Lord’s day when he comes as a thief in the night, the Lord comes as a thief after the sixth plague, Rev.16:15 then verse 16 he gathers his people to battle. In Isa. 13:1-6 the Lord gathers his people from every generation as the weapons of his indignation (we are his army) Zeph.1:18 he makes a speedy riddance of his enemies. Also when we meet the Lord on the Lord’s day it is after they say peace and safety (as in after a time of world tribulation) “then” sudden destruction. So, we meet the Lord at the exact same time sudden destruction falls on Satan’s kingdom. Confirmation of this is Rev.11:18 the time of the dead (rise) is on the day the Lord takes the kingdoms and judges his people at the exact same time he destroys those that destroyed the earth. The bottom line: we meet the Lord on the Lords day when we destroy Satan’s kingdom “after” the tribulation. Lastly, the marriage supper of the Lamb is after Satan’s kingdom is cast down.

I’ve not ever even once in several years gotten a straight answer to these finding, everyone is talking about what they believe, but nobody is willing to address the scripture at face value. Thank you, Jo Bernard


From High Time to Awake – Jo Bernard: Thank you for your well thought out question. I think that you are presuming that the Rapture of the Church happens after the final trumpet judgment in Revelation. I think that that is a misconception. The last trump in 1Corinthians 15:52 isn’t the final trumpet judgment. It is simply the last note of a trumpet call that sounds to call the church together with Christ. This trumpet call is separate from any trumpet call for judgment. It serves a different purpose. So the Rapture of the Church is unrelated to the trumpet judgments of Revelation. I agree that the marriage supper of the lamb takes place after Satan’s kingdom is cast down on earth. The marriage supper takes place on earth after the tribulation and after the Old Testament believers are raised from the dead.

Mat 8:11 And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east and west, and shall sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the kingdom of heaven.

Daniel the prophet along with all Old Testament believers (Primarily the nation of Israel, or all who were in Abraham’s bosom) will be raised a few weeks after the Great Tribulation ends. I think that they will be guests at the marriage supper of the lamb. I am having the steak.

Dan 12:13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

When is the Rapture? I think that 2Tessalonians tells us that the revealing of the Antichrist on earth after the fall of Satan from heaven is the sign of the Rapture of the Church! Please read The Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist.

The Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist - eBookREAD THE FALL OF SATAN AND RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST in my new eBook The Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist

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Apr 02

Rapture Timeline – update!


Rapture Timeline

Rapture Timeline

Scroll down for the Rapture Timeline!

By Craig C. White

The event known as the Rapture is the taking away of Christians into heaven. The Rapture is designed to rescue Christians from a terrible seven year period on earth called the Tribulation. I see a lot of Tribulation timelines out there but this is the only Rapture Timeline that I have seen! I’m not participating in the Tribulation anyway! The Rapture Timeline is meant to give the reader an idea of upcoming prophetic events; events that could possibly occur before the Rapture. We do not know the specific dates of these events. Nor do we know the date of the Rapture, but we can watch and see that it is approaching.

This timeline is about the Rapture. It is not about the Tribulation but the Rapture happens before the Tribulation, so when we begin to see the events of the Tribulation forming then we can be certain that the Rapture is close. In the middle of the seven year Tribulation period conditions on earth will go from bad to worse especially for Israel. The second half of the Tribulation is called Jerusalem’s great tribulation in Matthew 24:21. The revelation of the Antichrist triggers the great tribulation. The Antichrist is already identifiable but one day he will be officially revealed to the world. The Antichrist will be revealed in the following ways:

1) False Miracles and Blasphemy

2) 7 year “Peace” plan with Israel

3) Sit in the temple of God

4) Invades Syria then Israel just like the ancient Assyrian Kings did!

When we recognize him look up because your redemption is near. By the way Turkey President Erdogan is the Antichrist! The Rapture of Church age believers happens before the Tribulation period begins. The Tribulation is a terrible time of God’s wrath on earth as well as a terrible time of Satan’s wrath towards Israel.

Before and during the Tribulation a new World Empire will form. Three groups of nations or Unions will combine to form the end time World Empire. We can already see this happening.

Dan 7:17 These great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth.

Four kings will be instrumental in creating the next World Empire. These persons will be easily identifiable by their positions over each of the kingdoms or Unions. Three Unions will combine to form a forth mega Union or World Empire. These Unions include the European Union, the new Russian Union, and a new Middle Eastern Union. Today Prime Minister David Cameron, Prince Charles and Tony Blair of England are dedicated to forming the New World Order. In Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Medvedev are prime candidates to be one of the four kings. Turkey is at the forefront of forming a new Islamic Union. Turkish President Erdogan is the key player in Turkey. The fourth king rules over the New World Order; he may be the Antichrist “the man of perdition”. Watching Russia absorb more nations and also watching Turkey conquer Syria and begin to form the new Islamic Union is one way to gauge where we are along the end time timeline.

I think that the Bible tells us that the Church will suffer before the Rapture. Today the Church is suffering terrible persecution. Christian persecution has been elevated since about 2005. Many countries have killed Christians and disallowed assembly.

Rev 2:10 ye shall have tribulation ten days:

I think that the current tribulation of the Church will last a relatively short period of time, perhaps on the order of ten years before the tribulation. This is not a hard and fast rule.

I added the destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1 and Jeremiah 49:24-27) to the Rapture Timeline. It is difficult to place a date on the destruction of Damascus from the scriptures, but looking out on world events it seems as though Damascus may be destroyed any day now.

Scroll down for the Rapture Timeline!

End Time Timeline

Read more about the Rapture of the Church in my book God’s Great Expectations

Watch The Rapture Day on YouTube!

The Rapture Timeline is below!

I made this Rapture Timeline in 2012. Since then some of the events have already begun to happen like the formation of the new Russian Union! For an updated timeline see my 2016 Bible Prophecy Timeline.

Click on the Rapture Timeline to open full size.

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Mar 26

Something Smells Gefilte Fishy


netanyahu coalition government

Photo credit: Stu Spivack http://www.flickr.com

Something Smells Gefilte Fishy

Netanyahu’s arch enemy

By Craig C. White

In order to form a majority coalition government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to make deals with the opposition party. Netanyahu gave cabinet positions to some fellows that do not share his conservative positions on national defense. One character of note is Ms. Tziporah “Tzipi” Livni former leader of the opposition party “Hatnuah”. Ms. Livni has been given the position of justice minister in the new coalition government. Ms. Livni is an ardent proponent of the creation of a Palestinian state inside of Israel (aka: the two state solution). This means that she is willing or even eager to give up Jewish homeland for “peace” (been tried, bad idea). Livni has also been downright rotten in her criticism of Netanyahu.

Ezekiel 34:2 “Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel, prophesy and say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God to the shepherds: “Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?

As Israel nears it’s time of “Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7) it will be led by a team of rotten leaders called “Idol Shepherds”. On March 18, 2013 the Israeli government added a handful of “Idol Shepherds” to its cabinet. We have turned a page in bible prophecy.

John 10:11-13 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.  12 But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.  13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

Did you know that this verse is prophetic? During the tribulation Israel will be turned over to others to protect. A leader will be hired to oversee the security of Israel. He will not care for the people because they are not his. The people will reject him. The Antichrist will enforce a security agreement upon Israel (Dan 9:27). It may be that another will be hired to administer it. Also Israel’s own bad shepherds will allow this to happen (Eze 34:2). God will raise one leader in particular who will sell his people for his own profit. He is Israeli. He is called the “idol shepherd” (Zec 11:16-17). The sheepfold is Israel. Jesus is their true shepherd. At the end of the tribulation he will call them home.

Netanyahu formed this coalition government two days before U.S. President Barack Obama’s first visit to Israel on March 20, 2013. Obama’s message to Israel was not that the U.S. would stand with Israel but that Obama would let Israel stand alone. Obama supposed that Israel shouldn’t take conventional steps to solve their immediate national security issues, but instead hinted that Israel should bring its national security under an international purview. Smells Gefilte Fishy to me.

Read Israel PM Netanyahu strikes coalition deal with rivals

Political partners to sign agreement to form new government that will be the first without ultra-Orthodox Jewish parties

By Phoebe Greenwood in Jerusalem
guardian.co.uk, Thursday 14 March 2013 06.19 EDT

Very interesting to read and hard to stop. – Alexandria

netanyahu coalition government

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Mar 22

Spring Inventory – End Time Inventory


Spring Inventory – End Time Inventory

By Craig C. White

There has never before been a time when the end time agenda has been so clearly laid out in front of us, or a time when these events were so eminent. Don’t be left in the dark. Pre-Rapture and Pre-Tribulation events are identifiable now. Here is a list of today’s issues. They are all part of the fabric of end time prophecy. Jesus Christ will soon come for his Church. Satan will wreak havoc on Earth. The terrible “Day of the Lord” will come. Israel will suffer a terrible trial and the world will suffer God’s wrath.

Let’s make this easy. Prophetic events prior to the Rapture of the Church and prior to the 7 year Great Tribulation period revolve around the creation of the final gentile world government or “New World Order”. Making way for the Antichrist to become King of the “world empire”. Today world leaders are working to create a unified Middle East largely controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. A united Middle East will more readily become part of their New World Order. The rebellions in the Middle East are facilitating this unification. Psalm 2 and Acts 2 ask the question “why do the heathen (or nations) rage?”. This is bible prophecy being fulfilled now! In Biblical terms a united Middle East is one quarter of the final gentile world empire (Dan 2:41-42). The final gentile world empire will be on earth during the 7 year “Great Tribulation” period. It will eventually be ruled by the Antichrist (Dan 7:8). Jesus Christ will destroy it at his coming (Dan 2:34)! When you think of the one world government or New World Order, don’t think that it will include the entire earth. It won’t. The final gentile world empire in bible prophecy will only include the geographic area of the ancient Roman Empire. That is, from Europe to India, and from western Russia to Saudi Arabia. This is the area of the revived Roman Empire. The Far West, Far East, South Africa, and outskirts may play a role in creating the New World Order, but they are only fringe players. Of course most of bible prophecy centers around the land of Israel.

  1. The heathen are raging. In the Middle East, Northern Egypt, and Central Asia the nations are exercising their “days of rage”. This is the prophecy of Psalm 2 and Acts 2 being fulfilled now! The Rage is an effort to unify the region under a radical Islamist banner. This will prepare the region to take it’s place in the final gentile world empire. The ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel and a removal of any subjection to the God of Israel.
  2. The destruction of Damascus Syria is eminent as prophesied in Isaiah 7 and Jeremiah 49. Like I said earlier this event is designed to bring a united Middle East into the final gentile world empire. I think that God will send the Turkish army into Syria to destroy Damascus which is Syria’s Governmental seat. Jeremiah teaches that Damascus will turn to flee. Many Syrians have already fled. NOW, we are now seeing a MASSIVE fleeing of Syrians out of Damascus. Then Damascus will be destroyed. Please notice that many end time bible prophecies are being fulfilled rapidly. It is High Time to Awake and understand world events as they fulfill God’s plan!
  3. The battle of Gog and Magog may happen soon after the destruction of Damascus! Soon after the destruction of Damascus by Turkey, I think that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will lead a Middle Eastern invasion into Israel! PM Erdogan is a modern day fulfillment of Magog, the primary leader of Turkey. Turkey will be joined by Iran, Libya, and Ethiopia (Cush). Using the forces of nature and confusion, God will make the invading armies very uncomfortable. End Time bible prophecy is being fulfilled now. Please be informed and teach others of God’s word and plan.
  4. Violence in Israel is rising to the level of another Intifada.
  5. The Church is being driven out and killed in the old world (including Israel).
  6. Iran is making bombs.
  7. Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and Turkmenistan are forming a Central Asian Confederacy! This is another major end time prophetic event that is already underway. This new Central Asian Confederacy will be one quarter of the final Gentile world empire! Please read my commentary titled “The Leopard is Upon Us!“. This is a subject that is completely neglected by bible prophecy teachers and definitely one of my most important commentaries.
  8. Israeli leadership positions challengedThe Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist - eBook

  Please read my new updated eBook The Fall of Satan and Rise of the Antichrist to catch up on these end time prophecies and many more! Or read my paperback version 7 Misinterpreted Bible Prophecies for an Inventory of End Time Prophecy!

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