Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word

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Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word

Turkish Army targets Tell Rifaat

By Craig C. White

One year ago the Kurdish YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces gained control over the northwestern Syrian town of Tell Rifaat. So what right! So, Tell Rifaat is identified in the Bible by its ancient name of Arpad. In Jeremiah 49:23 the northwestern Syria towns of Hamah and Arpad (Tell Rifaat) hear reports about a coming invasion. According to Jeremiah; after Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear these reports then the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed.

Jeremiah 49:23-25 Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet. 24 Damascus is waxed feeble, and turneth herself to flee, and fear hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail. 25 How is the city of praise not left, the city of my joy!

One year ago Kurdish forces took Tel Rifaat amid heavy shelling from the Turkish Army. Tell Rifaat is located just 10 miles from the Turkish border. At that time Turkish President Erdogan vowed to defend the Syrian town of Azaz situated between Tell Rifaat and the Turkish border. Today the Turkish Army has entered northwestern Syria and has full control over Azaz. Turkey continues to send heavy weaponry and troops into Azaz with the stated goal of taking Tell Rifaat. Turkish President Erdogan said that the Turkish Army could attack Tell Rifaat at any moment. By the way, Erdogan also admitted in a public speech that the sole reason why the Turkish Army has entered Syria is to remove Syrian President Assad from power in Damascus. The battle for Tell Rifaat is drawing the Turkish Army into Syria in greater force. We no longer need to wonder. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Syria. The destruction of Damascus by the Turkish Army along with its partners the Al-Qaeda led Free Syrian Army is near!

One year ago Turkey launched its first military foray inside of Syria called “Euphrates Shield”. The Turkish Army along with Turkish supported Al-Qaeda rebels (Free Syrian Army) took control of the Syria border towns from Azaz (located just to the north of Aleppo) and eastward to Jarablus (located on the western side of the Euphrates River). The goal was to prevent a contiguous Kurdish State from being formed inside of Syria. One year latter Turkey now has plans to clear out the Kurds from the westward corridor beginning at Tell Riffat towards Afrin.

Meanwhile back to Jeremiah chapter 49. Jeremiah identifies the Syrian city of Hamah as well as the city of Tell Rifaat. Jeremiah doesn’t explicitly identify the nation (or nations) that attack these towns. The Turkish Army is mounting an attack on Tell Rifaat. That is clear to see. The Turkish Army is being helped by the Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army is not Syrian. The Free Syrian Army is comprised of Sunni Muslim Al-Qaeda rebels from places like Libya and Sudan. The Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate Tahrir al-Sham (formerly known as Al-Nusra) is fighting against the Syrian Army in Hamah. The Iraqi Al-Qaeda affiliate known as ISIS is also fighting against the Syrian Army in Hamah. Right now the Syrian Army seems to have gained the upper hand but fighting has intensified during August 2017. Turkey is supporting the Sunni Muslim Al-Qaeda rebel groups in Syria. Expect Turkey together with Al-Qaeda to attack Hamah and Tell-Rifaat in force and probably simultaneously.

Turkish President Erdogan said that Turkey would defend Azaz. Turkey now controls Azaz. Turkish President Erdogan said that the Turkish Army would take Tell Rifaat. Turkish heavy weapons and troops are now gathering in Azaz. The stated goal is the conquest of Tell Rifaat. Turkish President Erdogan said that the sole reason that the Turkish Army has entered Syria is to remove Syrian President Assad from power in Damascus. The Bible warns about an attack on Hamah and Tell Rifaat and also warns about the subsequent destruction of Damascus. The Bible is true. We should be on the lookout for these events. Turkish President Erdogan has proven to be a man of his word. We should believe him when he says that he intends to conquer Damascus.

Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word

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6 thoughts on “Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word

  1. Craig,

    Nice job of pointing out more overwhelming evidence concerning Erdogan.Today Abbas said that next year’s Eid will be in liberated Jerusalem. If that happens, then Jeremiah 49 will be post prophecy fulfilled. The editors in Erdogan’s controlled news outlets have written articles that say “Peace cannot come without a liberated Jerusalem.” Also, Erdogan is really turning up the rhetoric concerning Africa. Do you think he will invade Africa before Damascus and Israel, or afterwards?



    1. Hi David. Thank you for asking such pertinent questions. I think that Turkey will invade Egypt a couple of years after the destruction of Damascus and after they lead an invasion into northern Israel. I think that the Turkish invasion into Egypt and northern Africa will happen during the first half of the seven year long Tribulation period. Turkey may even invade Jerusalem from Egypt to begin Jerusalem’s great tribulation.

      Read my commentary titled “Before the Great Tribulation” https://hightimetoawake.com/before-the-great-tribulation/

      By the way, I submitted the article “Turkish President Erdogan is a man of his word” as a press release so anybody can publish it. https://pressroom.prlog.org/hightimetoawake/


  2. I will pray that God will make a way for your article to get out to the press. Hey! if Walid can make it on Fox News, why not you? A few weeks ago, I responded to an article at the Gadestonian Institute about Erdogan. I mentioned your work, but they didn’t post my comment.



  3. Things just got a little easier for Erdogan today. Trump has promised to stop supplying the Kurdish rebels in Syria. Sadly, Trump’s playing unwittingly onto his hand. But prophecy is being fulfilled, nonetheless. It would be great for Trump to be taken in the rapture with us though! Just imagine the magnitude of such a colossal event! Just thinking about all those raptured and left behind is sobering and mind blowing.


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