Will the mark of the beast be worldwide?

Will the mark of the beast be worldwide?

Microchips are best served with a grain of salt.

By Craig C. White

Revelation 13:16 says that during the Tribulation all people must receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads in order to buy or sell. This is called “the mark of the beast”. This beast represents the next world empire. So the mark of the beast identifies you as a faithful follower of the next world empire. This leads me to ask, “Will the next world empire really cover the entire world?” “Does the word “all” really mean all people in the entire world?” The Bible sheds light on these questions.

Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

A fanciful idea has sprung up and has also taken root in Christian circles; the idea that every person in the entire world will be faced with the decision of receiving a microchip identification implant in their right hand or in their forehead. If you accept this microchip then you are going to hell! This keeps Christians up at night. They are awaiting the announcement, “The world is instituting a mandatory microchip ID program!” The Bible does say that a mark will be worn. But it doesn’t specifically define a microchip. The Bible doesn’t specifically say that all of the world will be subject to the mark of the next world empire. I can prove it.

Bible scholars say that one of the ancient world empires will be revived during the Tribulation period. Many identify this world empire as being a revived Roman Empire (which is a mistake). Others identify this end time empire as being a revived Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire (which is correct). Either way, everybody agrees that a previous world empire will be reestablished. Now we must ask ourselves, “Did any past world empire cover the entire geographic area of the world?” The answer is absolutely not. So the next world empire cannot cover the entire geographic area of the world. Otherwise it would not be an old world empire that has been revived but it would have to be categorized as some new kind of world empire altogether. Like every past world empire I would expect that the next world empire will cover roughly the geographic area between Europe and India including northern Africa. This by and large identifies the Islamic world today.

Then who will be asked to wear the mark of the next world empire? Well it follows that the people who live in the region of the next world empire will be required to wear the identifying mark of the next world empire. Today all Muslims living in the region of the former Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire already wear the identifying mark of Islam. They all wear the “bismillah” on their right arms or on their foreheads. The bismillah is an armband or headband with the Arabic words saying “In the name of Allah” written on them. The bismillah is worn by every Islamic sect from Morocco to India. Now allow me to tell you something even more astonishing. The three Greek letters that spell “six hundred sixty six” are the same Arabic characters that spell “In the name of Allah”. It seems that the mark of Islam will be the mark of the next world empire. There are no microchips needed.

When Bible prophecy is written about world events it is typically about how these events affect Israel. So I would expect that the mark of the next world empire will also be applied in Israel. This would certainly cause hardship for Israeli Jews who honor the God of their fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Although let me point out that during talks with Turkish religious leaders regarding building a new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, several top Israeli rabbis have already agreed that Israel and Islam serve the same God. It is conceivable that these rabbis would be willing to wear the Islamic armband for the sake of peace; the chief among these rabbis being temple activist and Israeli Parliament member Rabbi Yehuda Glick.

Turkish President Erdogan intends to unite the Islamic world under Turkish rule. Erdogan intends to recreate the Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire. Islam promises an empire that will rule the world. Many Islamic nations are already on-board with Erdogan as their promised Mahdi. Syria isn’t. That is why Turkey will conquer Syria and destroy Damascus. But I digress.

The Micro-chipping of every world citizen has become an indisputable doctrine in the Christian Church. But that is mere fantasy. The mark of the beast identifies you as a faithful follower of the next world empire. The next world empire will not include the entire world. The next world empire will cover the same geographic area of a past world empire. When it comes to microchips they are best served with a grain of salt. Oh and with guacamole of course!

Will the mark of the beast be worldwide?

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26 thoughts on “Will the mark of the beast be worldwide?

  1. Craig I agree with you.
    How many people in the world are talking about these microchips, but in the Bible it is not. There is an inscription, if we look at the Islamic symbolism on the armband or headband, it really looks like an inscription.


  2. Craig,
    I highly agree with you on this but I have 1 question,
    Does this mean that people in the kingdom of the anti-christ will have to worship the beast and his image? Or does it include the whole world, that has to worship the beast. So my question means that Those inside the kingdom will have to worship the beast and if they dont, they will be martyred but how about the nations beyond the kingdom ( America, South America, Phillipines, Australia and more), will they have to worship the beast or is it in the specific kingdom of the anti-christ.

    This question has been in my brain for a while so I hope you reply because I find this the most reliable source for bible information.


    1. Hi Jay. I think that this should be viewed practically. When Al-Qaeda, or Hamas, or Hezbollah confront a Christian to believe in Allah or die, these terrorist groups kill the Christian. That doesn’t mean that every person on earth is killed.

      Please notice that people are already being killed for not worshipping Allah.

      The next world empire will not rule the entire world. Every past world empire covered roughly the same geographic area; between Europe and India. The next world empire will be a revived old world empire. Meaning that we should expect people to be killed for not following the empire especially in the Middle East.


  3. So your saying that christians that are in the geographical area will be killed for their faith but the countries not in the geographical area will not be killed for believing Jesus? So it means that the empire between Europe and India will be a bad place for Christians to be in?


    1. Hi Jay. That’s right more or less. Probably Jews and even Muslims will be at risk in greater numbers. Anybody who doesn’t accept the new Islamic Empire will be persecuted or killed. This is already happening today.


  4. So even if your not in the geographical kingdom, you will still be forced to worship the beast and his image? And is the islamic empire going to be the new world empire ranging from europe to the middle east?


    1. I don’t think that citizens who don’t live under the new Islamic Empire will be subjected to the rules of the new Islamic Empire.


  5. Im saying that those located within the next world empire (Europe – Middle East) will be killed for believing christ however MY QUESTION is that those outside the next world empire will not be affected or affected my the anti-christ doings? SO im saying will people beyond the next world empire wont be harmed by antichrist?


    1. The next world empire will not rule over the entire world. The Antichrist will not rule over the entire world. The past world empire that will be healed looks to be a revived Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire. So people living in that geographic area will be forced to worship the next world empire. People living in the US, China, Australia etc. will not be required to worship the next world empire.

      One note: the Bible says that people who refuse to worship the next world empire will be killed. It doesn’t say that people will be killed for believing in Jesus.

      Will people who are living outside of the revived Ottoman Empire be harmed by the Antichrist? Probably not much.


  6. 1 more eager questions is Will The Tribulation be Worldwide?? Like its true the many people will die and will it be focused along the new world empire or will much more people will survive to enter the millenial kingdom?


    1. I think that the Tribulation will be world wide with earthquakes, tidal waves, famine etc. But I think that many of the wars will be concentrated in the old world.

      Many people will survive the Tribulation. Even some Jews living in Jerusalem.

      Matthew says that in Jerusalem there will be great tribulation.


  7. Oh, this helps me alot.
    So many christians will survive the 7 year tribulation? Because they are christians in America, Australia and much more.
    Right now, im becoming worried because people say the anti-christ will rule the world and dont know which to pick. I Prefer that the ahtichrisy wont rule the world but still scares me a bit.


    1. The head that was wounded and then healed in Revelation is a revived world empire. The last world empire was the Turkish ruled Ottoman Empire. So the Antichrist will rule over that same geographic area.

      Today Turkish President Erdogan is eager to reconstitute the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan is the Antichrist.


  8. So wil many christians will die or survive? Because its says in seal 5 that many christians will die, will that mean those located in the future new world empire?And craig about bowl/vial judgements talkibg about how water will be gone all of it fron the whole world, is that true?
    And at the end, will many people enter the millenial kingdom? Due to the fact the many christians will survive because america australua (that are full of chritians) will survive?
    Sorry for the many questions and lack of spelling, im on a phone and also
    God bless you.


    1. Hi John. You are right. Revelation 6 says that many people will be killed because of their belief in Jesus Christ. I am certain that many people will also survive including Christians.

      I don’t think that the Bible says that all of the water in the world will be gone but it does talk about rivers becoming bitter.

      Many people and nations will survive on earth to witness the millennial kingdom of Jesus Christ. Jesus will rule all of the world with an iron rod.


  9. So craig, those inside the next world empire that are christians and do not worship the beast will be persecuted will be killed ( and by the way do most believing christians live in europe? ) however those outside wont be harmed eventhought they are christians ( latin america and other places ) and in revelation it says that after the seal and judgement bowls, that killes 50% of people, the antichrist will FORCE THE REMAINING PEOPLE on earth to worship the beast. Is this true or does it mean that those alive after the tribularion inside the empire will worship it however the nations beyond wont? People always say that during the great tribulation (not the tribulation) everyone in the world eill be forced to worship it……….


    1. John, here is what I think will happen. Turkish President Erdogan will declare a new Islamic Caliphate. He will require all Islamic nations to follow his rule. When they refuse then he will go to war with them.


  10. Im saying that because im kind of scared that many christians will die. Im asking that the bible says after the seals and judgement, EVERYONE will be forced to worship him like everyone.


  11. So the conclusion is that the tribulation will be world wide, the great tribulation focused on the old world the anti christ wont rule and many people will survive?


  12. In the bible it says, many christians will be beheaded/martyred… and people agree to this…….
    Im confused, will christians worldwide be persecuted? Or the geographical area your talking about Craig?


    1. Hi Martin. I don’t think that the influence of the next world empire will be worldwide. We are already seeing beheadings in the Islamic nations.


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