250,000 displaced in Idlib

250,000 displaced in Idlib

Turkey, Syria, and Russia at odds

By Craig C. White

Fighting has intensified between the Syrian Army in Hamah and Al-Qaeda rebel groups in Idlib as Turkey reinforces the rebel forces with heavy weaponry including anti-tank missiles. On May 30, 2019 Turkey sent a military convoy to Idlib in order to reinforce Al-Qaeda rebel groups fighting against the Syrian Army in Hamah. Turkey and Russian talks to withdraw the Syrian Army have failed. This is the biggest sign yet of a direct confrontation between the Turkish Army and the Syrian Army.

Watch this video by R&U videos and the War diary project: Turkish military sends reinforcements to Idlib Hama border | May 30th 2019 | Syria

Turkish military sends reinforcements to Idlib Hama border | May 30th 2019 | Syria

250,000 civilians have been displaced in the Idlib province of northwestern Syria in the past month. These civilians have been forced to live in tents, frequently moving to avoid the war zone. These refugees must remain in Idlib because Turkey has closed its border.

The Syrian regime insists on retaking the Idlib province which is the last remaining rebel held territory in Syria. Russia is supporting Syria’s efforts. Last year Russia made a deal with Turkey to disband the various Al-Qaeda rebel groups in Idlib but Turkey has failed to do so; instead Turkey has strengthened the rebels and have unified them under Turkish leadership. Turkey has also established twelve Turkish Army observation posts inside of Idlib and says that they will not leave even if Syria retakes Idlib.

Conditions in Idlib are reaching a critical point. I expect that the Turkish Army will soon press a concerted attack on the Syrian Army in Hamah and also on the Kurdish held town of Tell Rifaat. The Turkish Army now surrounds Tell Rifaat. Turkey has vowed to conquer Tell Rifaat which is the last remaining Kurdish held town in northwestern Syria.

If you are a Bible reading Christian then you should certainly be aware that the Prophet Jeremiah says that when Hamah and Tell Rifaat hear evil reports then the residents of Damascus will flee and Damascus will be destroyed. Tell Rifaat is called Arpad in Jeremiah 49:23.

Jeremiah 49:23 Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.

If you are not a Bible reading Christian then it’s High Time to Awake!

Read this article in the New York Times: Huge Wave of Syrians Flee Intensified Bombing on Last Rebel-Held Province

250,000 displaced in Idlib

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6 thoughts on “250,000 displaced in Idlib

  1. Hi Craig,

    Raqqa was also bombed today by the Syrian Regime. Isn’t this near Aleppo?
    I’ve been keeping up with your articles, and now that school is out, I’ll be digging a little deeper this summer. I am starting a Bible Study this summer for a group of men who want to know more about the Old Testament. You can bet I will be sharing some of your commentaries in our studies.If the antichrist suffers the effects of age, just as normal men, then Erdogan doesn’t have much time left.



    1. Hi David. It is nice hearing from you. Please do share my commentary.

      Raqqa was bombed by ISIS. Raqqa is located a bit away from Aleppo. Raqqa was the ISIS capital in Syria but is back under Syrian control. Raqqa has little to do with Bible prophecy. We are seeing an attempt by ISIS to terrorize their former headquarters. So far this isn’t a concerted effort to take back the city.

      Good point about Erdogan’s age. Unfortunately Christians will remain asleep no matter how old Erdogan gets.


    1. Thanks David. I read it. Spring time is the rainy season in Iraq. I know that you know that the Prophet Nahum predicts the flooding of Mosul. I think that that happens in conjunction with Jesus Christ’s return for his Church. Maybe Jesus is coming sooner rather than later.


  2. Interesting that sign of Jonah would be given simultaneously with HIs coming. There could also be an army of His enemies amassed in Iraq during that time.


    1. The sign of Jonah is for Israel. I think that it includes the resurrection of gentiles, like Jonah was saved out of the great fish. Nahum describes the destruction and flooding of the Assyrians in Nineveh (or modern day Mosul. Today ISIS represents a revived Assyrian State. So Nahum describes the fall of ISIS as they make one last stand in Mosul. FYI, ISIS is making a resurgence in Mosul.


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