US and Israeli weapons seized in Syria

US and Israeli weapons seized in Syria

These weapons could now be used against Israel

By Craig C. White

The Syrian military has seized huge weapons caches that the US and Israel supplied to the “moderate” Al-Qaeda rebels in Dara and Homs. These “moderate” rebels are now fighting alongside the radical Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate in Idlib. Syria and Israel have exchanged rocket fire along Israel’s northern border in recent days. These US and Israeli supplied weapons could now feasibly be used by the Syrian Army against Israel in the Golan Heights. There is some biblical evidence to expect Syria to attack the Golan Heights before Turkey attacks northwestern Syria and then destroys Damascus. Read my commentary titled Will Israel ask Turkey for help to fight Syria in the Golan Heights?

These primarily Sunni Muslim Al-Qaeda rebel groups had abandoned these weapons when the Syrian Army drove them out of southern Syria. All of these rebel groups are now gathered in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province. There is nothing moderate about any of the Al-Qaeda groups in Syria but the US and Israel have chosen them over the Syrian government.

Turkey is the biggest supporter of Al-Qaeda in Syria. Turkey is now increasing its supply of missiles and heavy weapons to the Al-Qaeda rebels in Idlib. Over the past couple of weeks Turkey has also sent Turkish commanded Free Syrian Army troops to Idlib and has even sent Turkish Army troops and heavy weapons and vehicles to Idlib.

The Syrian Army in Hamah and the Al-Qaeda rebels in Idlib are engaged in the heaviest fighting in Syria in years. US President Trump has called for Syria and Russia to stop airstrikes in Idlib. So Syria and Russia want to retake Idlib but the US, Israel, Turkey, and various Al-Qaeda rebel groups want to keep Idlib and expand their control over Syria even to Damascus. Who do you think will win?

I have been saying this for years, the Prophet Jeremiah describes the Turkish Army as it leads Al-Qaeda against northwestern Syria and then destroys Damascus. This is very close to happening today.

US and Israeli weapons seized in Syria

US and Israeli weapons seized in Syria

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