Hamah is confounded and Arpad

Hamah is confounded and Arpad

This Bible verse is coming to pass today

By Craig C. White

Jeremiah 49:23 Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.

Hamah and Arpad are two northwestern Syria towns. Today Arpad is called Tell Rifaat. According to Jeremiah 49:23 these two towns will hear evil reports just before Damascus is destroyed. Turkey is targeting Hamah and Tell Rifaat right now. The Syrian Army is fighting against Turkish supported Al-Qaeda rebel groups in Hamah. The Turkish Army has surrounded the Kurds in Tell Rifaat.

A temporary ceasefire is in place on the Hamah and Idlib border in order to evacuate civilians. 300,000 civilians are already taking refuge near the Turkish border in Idlib province. The UN says that 2,000,000 Syrians could flee to Turkey although Turkey has closed its border.

This week Turkey accused the Syrian Army of breaking the ceasefire by firing mortars at a Turkish military outpost in Idlib. It was later discovered that Turkish supported Al-Qaeda forces probably fired the mortars. This didn’t stop Turkey from threatening to directly engage the Syrian Army and of accusing Russia of allowing the attack. It seems that Turkey is itching to attack the Syrian Army. We ought to remember the words of Turkish President Erdogan when he said that the sole reason why the Turkish Army entered Syria was to remove Syrian President Assad from power in Damascus.

Russia and Turkey have refused to stop the fighting between the Syrian Army and Turkish supported rebel groups on the Hamah and Idlib border. Turkey has moved reinforcements to Idlib. The US and the UN are signaling their support for the Turkish supported Al-Qaeda rebel groups fighting in Idlib. It seems that the Turkish Army will join the fighting soon. Turkey has increased their supply of heavy artillery and has even sent Turkish commanded Free Syrian Army troops to Idlib to help the Al-Qaeda rebels. It seems that the Turkish Army will ultimately come directly into combat with the Syrian Army. Reports from the US Department of Defense lead me to believe that the US may be willing to provide air support which would bring the US directly against the Russian Air Force. That would certainly upset world politics.

Hamah is confounded and Arpad

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