The Least of These, Matthew 25:40

The least of these God will reward every person and nation who aids Israel during the Tribulation. Matthew 25:40 By Craig C. White Have you ever wondered who were “the least of these” spoken of by Jesus in Mathew 25? Matthew 25:40  And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto… Continue reading The Least of These, Matthew 25:40

Jerusalem’s Great Tribulation

Jerusalem’s Great Tribulation Jesus Christ’s suffering satisfies God’s wrath. verse by verse through Lamentations By Craig C. White So it’s the end time; what happens now? There are many end time events but there is only one reason for them all. Now there will be a terrible period of God’s judgment on the earth. The… Continue reading Jerusalem’s Great Tribulation

Woe to the Idol Shepherd on YouTube!

Woe to the Idol Shepherd God will raise up a wicked Israeli leader. By Craig C. White What is an Idol Shepherd? Well a shepherd is someone who tends to a flock. A shepherd can also tend people. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proven that he is a faithful and strong shepherd. Thank God… Continue reading Woe to the Idol Shepherd on YouTube!

The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief

The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief The Devil’s ousting marks the beginning of God’s great judgment and kingdom. Revelation 12:1-13 verse by verse By Craig C. White Euphoria or Grief, which would you prefer? Every person chooses between the two. God will soon throw the Devil out of heaven. That event divides salvation and… Continue reading The Devil falls bringing Euphoria or Grief

Second Coming Wrath Path

© 2011 Craig C. White Second Coming Wrath Path Out of Egypt have I called my son. Matthew 2:15 By Craig C. White While dispensing God’s wrath at the second coming, Jesus will take a prescribed route. Many bible students think that Jesus will descend out of heaven and touch down on the Mount of… Continue reading Second Coming Wrath Path