The last Jews in Jerusalem

The last Jews in Jerusalem Don’t Run! By Craig C. White There will be a very special group of people on earth during Jerusalem’s Great Tribulation. They are the last Jews in Jerusalem. Their numbers are few. They may reach into the hundreds perhaps a few thousand. They will suffer. They will survive! They will… Continue reading The last Jews in Jerusalem

The Least of These, Matthew 25:40

The least of these God will reward every person and nation who aids Israel during the Tribulation. Matthew 25:40 By Craig C. White Have you ever wondered who were “the least of these” spoken of by Jesus in Mathew 25? Matthew 25:40  And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto… Continue reading The Least of These, Matthew 25:40

Life after the Tribulation

Life after the Tribulation One hundred and done Isaiah 65:20 By Craig C. White I shared this passage about life after the Tribulation period with a class of about 40 well-read Bible students. Nobody had heard of it. Naturally they thought I was nuts. Don’t worry, I am used to it. In life after the… Continue reading Life after the Tribulation

The Name of Jesus!

The Name of Jesus! Image credit: yeh-ho-shoo’-ah ha maw-shee’-akh By Craig C. White The name of Jesus is a special name. It means “God Saves”. God saves people from the penalty of sin. The penalty of sin is death, plus the everlasting torment of hell. Jesus has power to save. He is the only… Continue reading The Name of Jesus!